Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.11 “Redefinition”


Here is the podcast covering episode eleven of season two, “Redefinition”.

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Next week, we will be covering episode twelve of season two, “Blood Money”, when Angel learns Wolfram and Hart is stealing money from a homeless youth shelter, he jumps into action to save them.


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4 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.11 “Redefinition””

  1. Joseph says :

    Redefinition: I agree that hoodie Angel is not as gleeful and (thankfully) not as chatty as Angelus, but he does have one striking Angelus quality – instead of coming straight at Darla and Dru, he is stalking them and breaking them down psychologically. It’s the main reason I don’t like the voiceover in Redefinition. I think it’s very effective to watch how freaked out Darla and Dru are by hoodie Angel, and I’d rather just leave it at the idea that if you push Angel far enough, he falls back on stalking and mind games, because that’s what he knows best.

  2. Cainim says :

    Um, so it’s kind of hard to come up with comments on these average Angel episodes. Let’s see if Blood Money can inspire 3 questions for William and Derek….

    1. Does bringing in a very occasional character like Chantarelle/Lily/Anne that most of the audience doesn’t recognize, add much to the show? Would the story be any different if this was a new character?

    2. Didn’t this seem like a low stakes mustache twirling scheme for Wolfram and Heart to engage in? Sure Angel wants to be Bat-Man but why is the evil law firm plotting like Adam West Bat-Man villains? Doesn’t this undercut their menace?

    3. Boone is the best thing about this episode and a rare one-off character that I wanted more of.

    57 out of 100

  3. Joseph says :

    Blood Money: I HATED this episode. It probably offended me more than She. I’m not saying it’s literally worse, but OMFG is this a case study in wasted potential.

    It started out fine – I liked the twist when Angel turns off his dorky attitude and reveals that he’s been stalking Ann, and everything with Cordy, Gunn and Wes was great, especially Wes and Gunn telling Cordy about the dragon. It was also nice to see Holland again.

    After that, everything varied from bad to awful.

    – After the great success of the Shroud of Rahmon, another heist story?

    – Angel is supposed to be over the edge dangerous, and he settles for playing pranks on Lilah and Lindsey, and for stealing a little money? He’s a better stalker than that! Kill Lilah’s fish! Draw pictures of her while she sleeps. Burn down her house or put thug #1 in the hospital. Last week, he was killing demon armies and setting people on fire – that’s badass. This week, he’s somewhat embarrassing and inconveniencing L&L. Maccauley Culkin in Home Alone was darker than Angel is this episode.

    – He humiliated Cordy and Wes in front of hundreds of people, many of whom apparently know Wes and who Cordy might be meeting on her job search. For what? A joke that only the viewing audience can get?

    – New Holland is boring, and I don’t like the angry and sulky version of Lindsey. He was interesting in the wine cellar when it seemed like he just didn’t give an f-. That makes him dangerous instead of an angry little yappy dog biting and Angel’s shoes. For a second, when he got in new Holland’s face, I thought we were going to get don’t give a crap Lindsey, but then he started yapping and peeing on things, and now I hate him again.

    – If I were doing a rewrite on this, I’d change two things. (1) Make Angel a lot scarier. Easiest solution – have Angel bite Lilah in the car. That would give Lilah a lot more reason to freak out, and make for an interesting dynamic as Lindsay decided he didn’t much care if Lilah died. (2) Have Angel use the confusion to frame Wolfram and Hart for the theft, so that they were in some real trouble. (For example, instead of running for the tape, Lindsey and Lilah are set up in such a way that they’re seen leaving with the money bag, which turns out to be a fake).

  4. chrisart6 says :

    The Trial, Reunion & Redefinition.

    These are 3 great episodes. They all flow into one long episode when watching back to back.

    My main notes however are on Reunion. Wow. Just wow.

    Two issues that I had:
    1. When Darla is in the dirt, you can see the dirt rise & fall with someone breathing underneath. Took me out of the moment as vamps don’t breathe.
    2. It just didn’t make sense when Darla asks Dru Why?. Darla hasn’t got a soul, why the freaking hell does she give a rats ass?? She shouldn’t give a flying f… We know that when Angel turns he feels free of all his human emotions. What makes Darla different? I was glad to see her appear as a normal heartless vamp later on. They just should have done that from the moment she woke up. Seemed a bit odd.

    The awesome:
    Gunn’s line of “You had me at gear up.” Pissed myself laughing!!! (Aussie expression, not literally :P)

    So Kate is half decent here. Pity as she still has to go. Be gone already!!

    My favorite moment by far is Angel closing the door. HOLY CRAP! He closed the door!! & LOCKED IT!! Can not express the emotions I felt seeing that, you don’t expect it, you think, here is our hero, he will save them all, thank goodness he made it in time, but yet of course he would! He is Angel! But nope, we are going to stuff you all up & make him dark. Dibolical.

    & THEN! Bam, you are all fired. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    Season 3 from memory was always my favorite, however after this trilogy, it is now very debatable. Lets hope this continues.

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