The Angel Rewatch – 2.09 “The Trial”


Here is the podcast covering episode nine of season two, “The Trial”.

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Next week, we will be covering episode ten of season two, “Reunion”, where Angel tries to stop Darla from rising as a vampire.


3 responses to “The Angel Rewatch – 2.09 “The Trial””

  1. Cainim says :

    So, um, well, that was…kind of awesome. I’m ringing all over. But inevitably here are 3 questions for Derek and William about “Reunion”.

    1. It struck me as odd that Holland wouldn’t have a contingency plan for this very scenario. Wouldn’t he have stakes or an axe in every room of his house or was he just too arrogant to believe anyone could scuttle his plans?

    2. Have you ever gone to a party that you knew the person of your dreams was going to be at and instead of playing it cool you acted like a total idiot and ruined any chance you may have had? Then the next time you saw them at the comic shop you actually acted like a civil human being and although your chance was gone it was still ok? In related news wasn’t this the best use of Kate ever?

    3. Whoa, locking them in was viscious of Angel. Thinking about it after the episode this action seems to violate Angel ‘s morality at least a bit but as I watched it, it didn’t bother me. I bought that Angel was so Angry that he would allow a massacre. Did you guys buy it?

    80 out of 100

  2. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    In contrast to my reaction to the previous ep’s twist, this one worked fantastically on Rewatch. The twist is aided by the fact that the conflict between Wolfram & Hart and Angel has been fairly formulaic up to this point. They mess with him, he messes with them. Neither side can really hurt the other. Until this.

    The use of Cordelia’s vision really drove him how Darla has distracted Angel from his purpose. And Holland gets what he wants in the most exquisite way. He wanted Angel to be dark, how’s this for dark?

    The only complaint I have is that I would prefer it if the episode ended on Holland’s horror rather than Angel firing his staff. That was anti-climactic.

  3. Joseph says :

    This episode has a lot going for it.

    – It’s very effective to watch the sales clerks and Ms. Manners laying on the ground massacred. It might be damsel-ish to show us the women but fade away from the truck driver’s murder, but so be it. (I wonder if Angel saved Ms. Manners?)

    – Gunn’s intelligence saves the day again. Also, Cordy’s google skills must have come in handy finding the world’s smallest nursery.

    – Viewed alone, Kate was fine in this episode, but it still doesn’t make any sense. Angel drank her blood and now she’s rational? It’s sad – it feels like they could have done a lot more with the character if they tried. Lindsay, on the other hand, was kind of interesting this ep.

    – I’m already tired of Dru’s act. Without Spike to play off, she’s just tiresome. Or, as Dru would put it: “Barnacles have moved into my acting talent, and I don’t even have any tea. The stars are marigolds and Daddy is eating all my porridge!” .

    – At this point, Angel should either stake both of them forthwith or find two more Orbs of Thessala and have Willow curse them both. I mean, he thinks they’re confined to a nightmarish existence, right?

    – PS: Is there any reason Willow can’t just ensoul random vamps? She doesn’t even have to be in the same area – it would be pretty funny to have Spike or Kakistos just hanging out somewhere and suddenly get a soul.

    – I agree with Robin – the firing is a flat way to go out. It would have been better to end on the massacre, but least have Angel sharpening weapons or guzzling blood or something, so he’s a bit scary instead of so blah.

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