William’s Review – 2.08 “The Shroud of Rahmon”

The Good

Is it weird to say that I’ve missed Cordelia? She didn’t have a big part but little funny moments made me glad to see her. She has definitely taken a back seat this season.

The Bad

So, why didn’t this work?

I feel this episode didn’t know what it wanted to be. The opening/first quarter of the episode seemed like it was going to be a frame episode told from Wesley’s prospective. Alright I can get behind that, nope just kidding we need to see Angel so they stopped the voice over real quick. It’s a shame too because the opening actually had me pretty intrigued. I liked the idea of telling this story in a on conventional way with Wesley’s fractured state. But they immediately drop it the moment Angel and Gunn go to visit his cousin. It was a very strange decision to start off with the Wesley voice over only to change gears barely into the episode.

Okay so maybe we are a comedic episode? Look high Wesley and Cordelia! Except none of that makes sense. Why does the Shroud affect them? The glass hadn’t even cracked on the case yet. Alright we’ll be a heist episode. With no excitement. And zero explanation of what The Shroud of Rahmon does. There was a severe lack of logic in the episode or consistency. I know Angel can be a goofy show, but I just need you to briefly explain why they are the way they are and stay true to that. The mismatching tone and inconsistency with what the shroud actually does really hurt the episode.

Oh Kate, just why? It’s been the saddest thing on Rewatch to actually like her character early season one only to have this happen. I’m glad people are pointing out her going in head strong, but why is she even being handed cases at this point. How does she still have enough pull to get Wesley out of the police station? The ending shot may suggest that she might finally give up this quest against Angel. As it is it will take some major time to salvage the damage done to this character.

The Unknown

It seems like a waste to have Angel’s blood lust back on a bad episode. We’ve seen him getting darker and more reserved this season. Will they address this in episodes to come?

Favorite Scene

The opening. It was the promise of a good episode that could have been. The cold open was intriguing and different while still having that noir feel. Then the rest of the episode happened.

Bottom Line

There were ideas here that might have made a good episode on paper, however, this completely failed on execution. This episode was all over the place, wasn’t enjoyable, and made me mad over the decisions that were made.

Score: 39 out of 100


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