The Angel Rewatch – 2.08 “The Shroud of Rahmon”


Here is the podcast covering episode eight of season two, “The Shroud of Rahmon”.

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Next week, we will be covering episode nine of season two, “The Trial”, where Angel enters a deadly challenge to help Darla.


2 responses to “The Angel Rewatch – 2.08 “The Shroud of Rahmon””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    I actually feel a bit hollow watching Drusilla turn Darla. I mean it’s the obvious dramatic continuation of the story. But there was something sad and honest about Darla’s life just ending the way nature intended it to. Whereas seeing Dru come in felt like a soap opera twist. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the story as it unfolds but in the era of “The Wire” and “The Leftovers” I was quite willing to accept a pathetic, tragic end for Darla.

  2. Cainim says :

    So this episode wins the award for most generically lame title for a really good episode, away we go with 3 questions on “The Trial”

    1. It may just be hindsight but isn’t it heavy handed to blatantly mention a character during a flashback that we’ve never meet before(in this case Holtz). Think whoever that is might just show up one day?

    2. Why did Angel take Darla back to her hovel after The Trial? Seems like a dumb retreat to me.

    3. Nitpicks aside, have we seen any other Angel episode that balances humor, drama, character development, pathos and bathos as well as this one does?

    76 out of 100

    Bonus comments on “The shroud of Rhamon”.

    Imagine a world where the episode was actually “The shroud of Ramon, the fired seabreeze slinging bartender from Caritas”

    I will stand by saying “The Shroud of Rhamon is better than “She” (and “Expecting). I’ll take poor silly writing over offensive misogyny any day.

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