William’s Review – 2.06 “Guise Will Be Guise”

The Good

The opening coming right off of last week I thought worked. It makes total sense that Angel still in his lost state would just jump head strong at the problem. I also liked that the gang recognizes he has a problem. Seeing the host was good again and I had no problems with the early Swami scenes. He seems pretty insightful and really starts digging into Angel. Knowing he’s a fake on Rewatch was interesting because he really starts on a surface level to try and sell this act. He honestly doesn’t say much more than what apparently everybody knows. He’s a vampire with a soul. Once his guise falls through Angel gets a nice BA moment with the fish hook.

Gunn and Cordelia had some nice little moments that added to my enjoyment of this episode. The opening was pretty funny with Gunn saying running fast was the plan and Cordelia dressing up as a lawyer. Their inclusion was small, but needed.

Wesley was what saved this episode. His comedic timing is really impressive. I’m not usually one to get a rise from physical comedy, but he sells it SO well. Ever little bit goes a long way from the scene where he introduces himself as Angel and slightly slip, to him jumping back behind the door way when the goon says “I invite you in.” Every time I saw him on screen his performance shined through. It’s impressive that Alexis Densioff can play so many facets to this character and still make him so likable.

I know Virginia is another damsel, but I enjoyed her character. She has some sass to her that makes her standout a bit. I would have liked her to stand up for herself a little bit in the multitudes of abductions scenes, but it makes a sort of sense that her being sheltered contributes to the damsel-ness. Still when she stands up to her father at the end I was happy. It’s also interesting that Wesley and her are now in a relationship. I’m looking forward to see what they’ll do with her character.

The Bad

The tonal issue with Angel in this episode is a problem for me. I do think it’s important to deal with the fallout from last week, but once the Swami is known to be a fake suddenly Angel gets in with the comedy. It came across false and would have worked much better if he just continued to play the straight man. As it is they’re going to have to work me back up to the emotional level of the end of “Dear Boy.”

The added dialogue coming off screen seemed tacked on and didn’t really add to the episode. Things like “maybe I am a little mad” seem to be trying to force the idea that this is a “funny” episode. Throughout the episode they try a little to hard to make this funny. From music cues to just goofy sound effects. I would have preferred to just allow Wesley’s performance speak for itself, because it really was what saved this episode.

I could have done with a little less from the Virginia betrayal scene. I can’t stand when characters don’t talk only so we can have a tv cliche like this. Still her character is justified, I just don’t think this scene came across well enough.

The Unknown

If this episode had come at a different time in the season I wonder if I would have had the same reaction.

What are we exactly suppose to mine from the swami scenes since he indeed is a fake. His insights seem insightful at first, but falter towards the end. Clearly Angel is still at war with himself and is in need of direction.

I know the bad guys of this episode are a seedy supernatural underbelly of LA, but how many people know about Angel at this point?

Favorite Scene

Wesley scaring off the two goons in the magic shop. He sells the act as Angel and yet it comes across as completely ridiculous. This gave me one of those American Idol bad singer feelings, where you feel super embarrassed and want to look away but can’t.

Bottom Line

This had some tonal problems stemming from coming off of last weeks episode. The Wesley centric parts of the episode worked pretty well. Alexis Densioff sells this character which is quite impressive considering the different levels he has to play.

Score: 60 out of 100


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