Derek’s Review – 2.06 “Guise Will Be Guise”

The Good:

Obviously there is a lot of comedic moments to be mimed from Wesley pretending to be Angel. Wesley has been pushed to the side so far this season, so he definitely needed an episode to step up. Whedon shows usually have great casting but Alexis Denisof as Wesley is nearly perfect. (So is the rest of the Angel Investigations to be honest). There are so many ways that Wesley could be annoying be on belief but Denisof is able to make Wesley, goofy, endearingly annoying and above all I real human being.

Speaking of realistic characters, I also liked Virginia. It is unfortunate that women under the threat of death is now in the DNA of the show but season two continues to make these women real people. Last season the female characters, outside of Cordelia and Lilah, were plot points that Angel breathed heavy on in his never ending sexual tension or screaming props, or both. While Virginia actually does have sex with “Angel” she definitely feels fully realized.

The Angel storyline starts off strong, I love him barging into Wolfram and Hart without a plan. Only to show up at Caritas later and admit he needs help and is on the edge. I even like the start of the swami storyline. Tish Magev’s advice is very cryptic and while it does apply to Angel, it is vague enough that when the twist is revealed it still works. It is equally believable that “Tish Magev” is an eccentric swami or an eccentric murderous impersonator.

The Bad:                                                       

The problem I have with this storyline is that in the rest of the episode Angel is back to his dorky persona. Now I complained about this in the beginning of “Dear Boy” Angel acting dorky only to descend into full on psychopath felt too jarring. This is even more egregious to me.  I don’t need Angel to rip out the fake Tish Magev’s throat or be super aggressive in the final fight but he’s too jokey. His concern over his coat and Bryce believing his is enunch is funny but Angel really shouldn’t be in this state of mind right now. I don’t feel like Angel is on the same edge as he was earlier in the episode and while the swami’s advice was kind of insightful this turnabout is not earned. It’s not as if all the momentum in the Darla storyline has been killed but it certainly feels stunted.

I think this storyline would’ve worked better if the fake Tish Magev was hired by Wolfram and Hart instead of Bryce’s business rival. Of course this would require the advice to be a lot more sinister and less vague but oddly insightful. Wesley was so bumbly the rest of the episode that they didn’t really need this storyline to expose him as not Angel.

The Unknown: 

I have no real problems with Virginia and Wesley beginning a relationship. We don’t see a lot of Virginia but she seems compatible enough with Wesley. When she yells at him for betraying him though it felt a bit too wordy. Virginia has even right to feel betrayed but she goes point by point about how Wesley lied to her and it’s just too much.  It was just sloppily writing.

The other thing that kind of annoyed me was the comedic musical cues. I rarely notice things like this but these were very obvious. They were all over the episode and just made the episode feel very silly. It is comedic for sure but the cartoony sound effects after nearly every joke were a bit much.

Favorite Moment:

There were great Wesley as Angel moments to choose from but the one that really got me was his line after he drank the blood. I love that the first word that pops into Wesley’s mind after drinking blood is “nummy”.

Bottom Line:

This is a very funny episode. It is nice to take a breather after the intensity of last episode. However I think it takes too much of breather. Angel was incredibly dangerous at the end of the last episode and now he feels absolutely cuddly. This a very difficult episode to score because I really enjoyed the Wesley storyline but it neutered my excitement in the Angel storyline.  The latter ends up being very important to me.

59 out of 100


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