William’s Review – 2.03 “First Impressions”

The Good

Cordelia at the end of the episode making Gunn “her mission” was a nice sentiment. There is something so honest about Cordelia that where this could have felt a little cheap coming from Angel, I totally believe it coming from her.

I liked the little bit of Wes we got here. I thought the scene of Angel choking him was really intriguing. I thought this should have been a clear red flag for Wes that something was up with Angel. As it was he seemed more distracted by a naked Angel (which was still funny). I’m also glad Wes teased Angel about the helmet. It was just a natural bit of comedy that let them play off each other. It was also nice to see Wes get one up on Angel even if it was something silly like Angel having to wear a pink helmet.

I applaud the episode trying to develop Gunn’s character by dealing with the consequences of Allana’s death. I really love the moment between him and Cordelia at the hospital. His speech about how he can’t stop or he’ll lose more people was actually a pretty effective scene. Yes, it’s a little cheap to have him accidentally name drop his sister, but I felt like the scene more than made up for that.

The Bad

This felt very much like War Zone 2.0. So with that in mind I did not like this. I thought reverting back to the angry Gunn was uninteresting and uninspired. Having a character that’s angry and brooding doesn’t had anything new to the group.

The comedy in this episode felt rather forced. None of the jokes (apart from a few moments) seemed to land with me and I felt pretty disengaged while watching.

The Devac storyline was bad. Almost as bad the line “survival of the fittest, brah. And right now your not looking too fit.” I’m not sure if he is a human who can transform into a demon or vice versa. The episode isn’t too sure about it either because it makes no effort in explaining what’s going on. The ending fight was really uninspired and lacked tension. It didn’t help that Devac looked like one of those blow up tube guys you see in front of a used car lot. They also chose to zoom up really close so you couldn’t even tell what was going on.

The Unknown

The Angel dreams were very disorienting. I think purposefully so I won’t mark the episode down for keeping the audience blind at this point. It did feel very jarring throughout the episode though.

Favorite Moment

Gunn’s speech in the hospital was the best character moment we’ve gotten from him thus far.

Bottom Line

It was a rehash of what we had already scene with War Zone. There were some better character moments here, but also a worse storyline. It felt very jarring to also have the Angel dreams going on as well.

Score: 50 out of 100


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