Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.03 “First Impressions”

Here is the podcast covering episode three of season two, “First Impressions”.

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We will be covering, episode four of season two, “Untouched”, where Angel comes into conflict with Wolfram and Hart over a young girl.


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7 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.03 “First Impressions””

  1. Ashlie says :


    So I really like this episode. I like the idea of introducing characters that have supernatural powers. I thought Lilah and Wolfram & Heart were used really well. More Angel and Darla is always good. I like when Bethany tried to seduce Angel and he says something like “You wouldn’t like me when I’m happy” kind of a fun twist on the Bruce Banner/Hulk line. Not sure about Cordelia straight up calling her out on it. It does come off a little bit jealousy. There’s more of that sex is bad stuff in there. Angel on the hood of a car. Always got to be a bad ass. I felt bad for Bethany in the end and her whole story of her past and stuff is pretty sad. I did like her reaction when Lilah says Angel is a vampire. She just looks at him and says “Weird”. And of course W&H still have Darla doing the dream stuff on him, so really Lilah gets the last laugh there.

    ‘First Impressions’

    This was an okay episode. It’s interesting to pair Cordelia with Gunn but I didn’t really like his story with Dvac. I did like Cordelia being out of place at the party. The best parts were the Angel and Darla scenes. Shirtless Angel is always good and Julie Benz is so pretty. I’ve always liked the Angel/Darla relationship. I also noticed that Angel was wearing boxers. Is it certain that Angel sleeps naked? Spike does, do all vampires? Since their bodies are cold anyway, clothes wouldn’t make difference. I could buy that Angel wears white silk boxers to sleep in, especially if people like Wesley come barging in. Also, maybe they weren’t looking directly at Angel’s penis, but rather maybe he got “excited” from his dream, and it was obvious. Anyways, should Angel be more concerned that he’s having all these happy dreams with Darla? They did spend like a hundred and fifty years together and he did stake her so I buy that he might occasionally have dreams about her, but like this? And this frequent? I guess that’s some powerful magic they are working on him.

  2. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on “untouched”

    So the other day I was in the local candy shop and I spotted some pixie stix. They had purple ones! Feeling nostalgic for childhood I picked up a case.

    Every night I’ve been eating a handful of this magic purple dust. I’ve been been getting a ton of sleep. But my dreams have been haunted by something…or someone. I am married to a stunning blonde but I don’t think it’s her. Could it be? Nah, it couldn’t. Could it?

    As for this episode?

    Well… it had a couple of good jokes.


    I hope by the time you guys get to feedback this week that you’ve explained what in the world Lilah’s plan was and what she hoped to accomplish because I have no clue.

    And as well intentioned as it may be sometimes tv shows need to stay away from serious topics. Well, they need to if they’re going handle them as clumsily as this episode did.

    55 out of 100

    • angelrewatch says :

      OK so typically I like the save response to feedback till the episode but this comment is eating me alive. I’m tipping my hand here and this might be a leading question but what about the episode was clumsy? If this sounds like a confrontation it isn’t, I’m genuinely curious. I could guess but that’s just more of me pulling things out my rear end and I do that enough already on the podcast


      • Cainim says :

        Ack! I’ve been called out. I actually have to defend something I said!

        Okay here goes.

        Why I find “untouched” to be clumsy.


        Physical and sexual abuse of a child is a very serious issue that destroys thousands of lives. It is a problem that deserves serious discussion and these discussions should cause us to focus on what can be done to help the victims and to make sure that it never….hey look Gunn’s got an axe made from a hubcap.

        Point is a should come away from this episode invested in Bethany’s story. I don’t. I came away thinking “yeah they really should pay Gunn”.

        Why is this? Why didn’t I care more about Bethany?

        Watching this I kept thinking of two things.

        1. This feels like an after school special. And that boils down to the flashback scene from Bethany’s childhood. Besides being horribly acted it kills the story. We know from this point forward what monster triggered her powers and ultimately what the resolution to this story must be.

        This reveal world have worked so much better if we just saw Wesley’s deduction and confrontation with Bethany.

        To me the audience would have reacted with “oh that makes sense. …how sad. What a monster.” It would be an emotional gut punch.

        Instead I’m left thinking “we know this already. The bad acting flashback showed it.”

        2. The Stephen King novella “big driver”. This is a story about an abused woman who gets violent brutal revenge against her attackers. And her revenge is satisfying to the audience.

        Bethany not killing her father is not satisfying. I wanted that monster punished. Sure her letting him live prevented her from going to the darkside but it didn’t feel like justice.

        I read a bit about Big Driver to see why I kept thinking of it. Turns out they made it into a Lifetime movie. What are they known for? Well intentioned telemovies that are too earnest for their own good.

        There is nothing subtle about “untouched”

        I’ve rambled long enough. I still don’t get Lilahs plan.

        This is my 4th least favorite episode of Angel so far.

        I think it means well and it is trying to be about something. So it gets points for that. If not for that only “She” would be worse.

    • Joseph says :

      They don’t spell out Lilah’s plan, other than she’s grooming Bethany to by a Wolfram & Hart assassin and she has Bethany’s dad available as a “trigger.”

      Therefore, the most we know is that Lilah’s original plan was to get Bethany to a point where Bethany (1) had control of her powers, and (2) was evil.

      My wild speculation is that Lilah’s endgame would have been to manipulate the dad to a point where Bethany killed him, then help Bethany cover up the murder.

    • chrisart6 says :

      I actually agree with you about the episode and about the flashback scene. I felt that it would have been enough to have Wesley confront her as the flashback was just too much. Too serious.

      The most disappointing aspect of this is that it was directed by Joss. I couldn’t remember this episode so I was excited when I saw Joss’ name pop up on the screen. What a let down. Could this be the worst episode in this universe that Joss has directed? I think so. Could it also be contributed by the fact that he didn’t write it?

      Also one of the long dresses Darla is wearing, the scene where she comes out in the reception area, it looks very very similiar to the dress Buffy wore in I Will Remember You in the final scene between them. Coinciedence?

  3. Joseph says :

    I liked this, but it didn’t blow me away. Darla was creepy, they’re developing “grumpy sleep-deprived Angel nicely,” Gunn and Cordy were good, and the main plot worked well enough.

    – I don’t know what to make of Wesley. Angel seems to agree that being an a hole to Bethany did some good, and Wesley seems to regret it, but it’s still a cold thing to do, even if he thought it would work out.

    – I honestly thought Angel told Bethany to killer her dad, and that she was going to. Did his redemption sense tell him that she would stop at the last minute?


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