Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.01 “Judgment”


She came and she gave without taking….

Here is the podcast covering episode one of season two, “Judgment”.

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We will be covering episode two of season two, “Are You Now or Have You Ever Been”, where we get a flashback to Angel circa 1950.


5 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.01 “Judgment””

  1. Travis says :

    Hey guys! First time poster here, great job on the podcast so far!
    Ok, here we go.
    Are you now or have you ever been.

    I really love this episode. I love the eerie stillness of it. I also appreciate them showing the racial tensions and even a glimpse at homosexuality which were very taboo at the time. It really sells that it’s the 1950s besides just the costumes and cars and such.
    Oh and am I the only one who thought the story was a mashup of The Shining and Psycho? You got the haunted hotel and a woman on the run after stealing a bunch of money from her employer!
    It’s a great introduction to the hotel and a definite standout episode to me.
    Thanks for reading and keep up the great work.

  2. Ashlie says :

    Sorry I missed the last few podcasts, finally got caught back up. Quick side note about Faith’s hair. Previously on Buffy her hair was more straight, but from Five by Five and forward on Buffy and Angel, Faith’s hair will be more wavy. Like we see her with curly hair in prison at the end of Judgement, which looked totally cute, and I think Eliza Dushku’s hair is naturally wavy so maybe that’s why. I personally like it better than the straight look.

    On to Judgement
    I love the opening scene introducing the host and his narration of LA. I love, love The Host! Don’t really like Cordelia and Wesley dropping what they were doing to go help Angel, especially since it didn’t look like he really needed their help. But what kind of life does Cordelia think she can lead as an actress if she has to run off to fight demons all the time. Also how did Angel know exactly where to kick the mirror in, cause it looks like if he would have kicked a few feet to the side he would have hit concrete. Love reintroducing Darla, and it’s nice getting more of Wolfram and Hart. I do like that Angel feels bad about killing the protector demon and decides to take his mission own as his own. I love the ending with Angel and Faith in prison. She looks so excited to see him since I don’t think she gets any visitors. It’s nice to follow up with her and it again sets the tone for the show, when Wesley says saving one soul at a time. Also thought it was funny Angel sounds embarrassed when he says he had to sing Mandy, but we know that he secretly likes it.

    Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been
    I really love the 1950’s setting and this totally feels like an old movie. You got the girl who is on the run, a mysterious ghost, an obsessed detective and the mob hanging Angel. I love it! The ending not as much. It’s nice to get a glimpse of what Angel’s life was like in between getting his soul and moving to Sunnydale. Didn’t care for the energy life sucking ghost demon thing. How was that old lady living there this whole time? I’m surprised the money was still hidden, but it quickly solves the issue of where Angel needs to get his money to buy a new office and continue with Angel Investigations. I doubt Cordy is getting a ton of acting gigs when she’s always running off. I do love the new location of the Hyperion Hotel.

    Super excited we made it to season 2 since I think it’s by far my favorite season, we’ll see if that changes later on, but so much great stuff happens in this season and we get so many new great characters.

  3. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on “Are you now or have you ever been”

    I’m so depressed, once again William and Derek have told me I missed the point of an episode. First they told me that Lindsey isn’t supposed to be sympathetic in “Blind Date”(even though an act break features Lindsey in peril). And then they tell me “Jo” from Judgement isn’t a typical Angel damsel(is her name even stated in the episode?).

    That’s not going to happen this time! This time I’m going to get the meaning of an episode right.

    Let’s see. We have a tv playing a piece of the Mcarthy hearings. A decade ago when I first saw this episode I thought this was a little on the nose. Now I wonder if it’s enough. I wonder if this piece of history is now so distant that in an episode about paranoia that a tv in the background isn’t blatant enough.

    I love the hotel set. It fits the New tone of the show quite well. And the transition between present and past scenes is elegantly done.

    But what is this episode about?

    Is it about mob mentality and the power of fear?

    Is it about how Angel once upon a time was a vindictive S.o.b? His complicity in Judy’s fate is harsh.

    Is it about how fear can leave us trapped and alone for decades with only our own terrified whispers to keep us company?

    Or is it about forgiveness and cleaning up the past?

    Nope. I don’t want to get this wrong… let’s see… what is this about?

    I know.

    This is about hospitality and hotel management and how bellhops are much better now than they were in the 50s. Yep that’s it. Hope I got it right.

    And, this episode is one of my favorites so far.

    79 out of 100

    And in case it wasn’t obvious, I kid. You guys do great job with the podcast. You make me consider these episodes in ways I haven’t before and have made rewatching Angel a ton of fun. Keep up the good work!

  4. chrisart6 says :

    OH MANDY!!!! This is up there with Angel’s awkward dancing. GOLD!

    I’m not a big fan of the bar, only cause I find it hard to believe that half the Demons there would even speak human, let alone sing, but I’ll let it slide because we now have The Host!!! YAY!

    Jousting in middle of LA? Oh come on! Took me right out of the scene. Stupid car was annoying me the whole time.

    Dennis hitting Wesley with the book. Awesome. I beleive he is my favorite ghost of all time.

  5. chrisart6 says :

    Faith. I had totally forgottten this. I have to say, it surprised me how she looked. Here hair is all curly and gone is the dark make-up, in with the natural make-up, and if I am not mistaken, it looks like she is wearing a light pink lip gloss/lipstick? I had to do a double take as I didn’t realize it was her for a second. (Although maybe she can’t wear make-up in prison?)

    What a lovely way for the audience to see that Angel & Faith’s friendship has lasted and that even though she is behind bars, he is still there for her, that he hasn’t forgotten her & that he will continue to support her through her redemption.

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