The Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.22 “To Shanshu in LA”

A rare moment with a closed lipped Angel.

Here is the podcast covering episode twenty-two of season one, “To Shanshu in LA”.

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We will be covering episode one of season two, “Judgement”, where  Angel accidentally kills the demonic protector of a pregnant woman named Jo and has to take over as her champion.


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2 responses to “The Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.22 “To Shanshu in LA””

  1. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on “Judgement”

    What a great way to start a season! A green singing demon chorus/narrator! The Host steps to the mike and immediately charms.

    And then 3 great establishing scenes, two that are character establishing bits that sum up Cordelia and Wes perfectly and one that sets up the team and what they do.

    How perfect to get the audience up to speed. 10 minutes in to season 2 and I am so glad I stuck with this show. And I don’t see Kate anywhere.

    Then Angel does something stupid and the whole thing turns stupid.

    Another damsel in distress? Why? Stop it! And this victim is pregnant! Stop it! Stop it! and her story arc is resolved stupidly and feels like filler. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

    Sigh…thank you, show, for reminding us of what you really are. Now be something else, please.

    And yet even with that being said, Judgement still works for me.


    Demon Karaoke and Manilow. Always Manilow.

    65 out of 100

  2. chrisart6 says :

    I didn’t like Kate from the moment she appeared in the start of this series. Here she just confirms that my dislike of her is justified. My memories of Kate are unpleasant and possibly my most unlikeable character on Angel.

    So I wanted to clarify something that Derek says about Cordelia’s visions and how her screams are too much for getting a migrane. It is stated in this episode that they are getting worse and she is feeling within her body all the pain that the victims in her visions feel. So its not just a migrane.
    On the subject of Cordelia, I actually found Charisma’s acting in the hospital by far her best performance on here or Buffy. The way her eyes portray all the pain that she is experiencing and the look of utter crazieness on her face, I thought it was extreamely well done.
    I didn’t think they needed to spell it out to us that Cordelia’s experience with the visions changed her. I don’t like the line of “new Cordelia”. Um no, let the character developement progress on it’s own, don’t shove it down my throat that she has changed. Besides, apart from the start of this episode where I thought they played up her dumbness and lack of awareness or even empathy when they find out Shanshu is death for Angel. I actually thought her character development had been progressing at a nice pace.

    The memorable. The eplosion, the prophecy, Cordelia & Wesley in the hospital, Lindsay handless & of course Darla. When this aired and I had to wait 6 months to watch it again, (Australia tv sux) this very much felt like a series finalie.

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