Andrew’s Stats, Charts and Top/Bottom Five

Andrew from Tacoma’s Stats
ANGEL :  Jumps through a window 5 times
                gets thrown out a window 2
                throws someone out   4
                Walks through double doors in a grandiose fashion 3
               gets shot  6 times,  twice in one fight with Gunn’s crew
            takes shirt off  7    ( it is the WB )
                cowboy jump into convertible  1
            Saves someone in a hero way  11
                    is knocked out  3
        Kills :  vampires 12  demons 14  Humans 2
        gets called or mentioned  “vampire with a soul”  7
                turns evil :  once
CORDELIA :  Kills once, insults about 8 times
                    is called Princess  1
                        has an on camera vision  6
                    knocked out 4
                gets pregnant 1
                    tells too much info to someone evil.  3
WESLEY : Kills  0 none at all,  knocked out once  thrown once but receives throat trauma twice.
KATE kills 4 vampires
Doyle only one kill
Buffy  none while in town
Spike also none
Faith kills one demon, maybe one human  jumps through one window.
Gunn only 2 vamps.
CITY totals   and or body counts
Civilians 19
Cops   2
assorted vamps/ demons  12  plus two oracles
Senior Partners are mentioned twice
The Powers that be  16
Eleven broken windows
guns are pointed 15 times, fired 15 times
4 flash back episodes
6th street bridge/LA river is used twice.
Derek’s Bottom Five:          
  1. Excepting
  2. Bachelor Party
  3. Lonely Hearts
  4. Eternity
  5. She

William’s Bottom Five:

  1. Expecting
  2. The Bachelor Party
  3. I Fall to Pieces
  4. War Zone
  5. The Ring

Derek’s Top Five:

  1. Sanctuary
  2. I Will Remember You
  3. Five by Five
  4. In The Dark
  5. Sense and Sensitivity

William’s Top Five:

  1. Sanctuary
  2. Five by Five
  3. I Will Remember You
  4. Sense and Sensitivity
  5. In The Dark

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