William’s Review – 1.21 “Blind Date”

The Good

The heist scene was a fun scene in the episode. It seemed like a solid plan and loved all the different moving parts. Gunn’s over the top performance was funny and liked getting to see his character in this episode. He seemed like a better fit and liked how he felt fun, maybe a little off with his sister dying last week but I digress. I enjoyed Angel’s side of the heist and the Indiana Jones-ness of it.

Holland was a nice inclusion to Wolfram and Hart. He’s so sincerely sweet yet completely evil. He came across as the Devil trying to turn Lindsey. I really loved the scene when they execute Creepy Sheldon Cooper Lee (RIP). It showed how cold Holland can be and how dark Wolfram and Hart can be when they can calmly execute their own. Also Holland’s second speech to Lindsey was great. I loved how he kept using the word “love” throughout the speech. He really comes across as pure evil.

Vanessa was a great bad guy. I thought they gave her an interesting skill set and sense of a history. They gave her own distinct fighting style and I also liked her “sight” ability. It was great how even Holland is disturbed by her. They did a great job of making her unnerving when every character seems shaken by just being around her. And let’s be real any person that’s cool with killing kids is probably someone you want to avoid.

The Bad

This had a pretty slow start. Much like Angel’s fake dosing off I was not invested at the beginning of the episode. Holland’s first speech to Lindsey seem to drag on. Things did however start to pick up towards the middle of the episode.

The Unknown

Angel seems deeply affected by Vanessa getting off at the beginning and he goes into a weird trance when talking about evil’s clarity. It was kind of bizarre. I did love Cordelia’s reaction though.

Still uncertain what we were suppose to get out of this Lindsey focused episode. They really wanted to make the end where Lindsey stays this dramatic moment, but I felt no surprise at him staying. I guess we were just suppose to get that both Angel and Lindsey have “found there place.”

How much of what was introduced here is suppose to be dealt with in the finale? It didn’t feel like a penultimate episode, but I’m sure we’ll learn more about some of these plot threads.

Favorite Moment

The fight between Vanessa and Angel was a good fight scene. It was very different from what we typically see. I loved the tension of the “red light green light” moment. It was very well staged and loved getting a full sense of Vanessa’s power set and Angel having to use his wits to beat her. Also full disclosure I’m a big fan of Marvel comic’s Daredevil.

Bottom Line

This was pretty solid at developing both Lindsey and Wolfram and Hart. It had an interesting villain and introduced some interesting plot threads. It didn’t have much in the way of a hook for the finale, but none the less I enjoyed what I got out of this.

Score: 65 out of 100


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