Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.21 “Blind Date”

Turning the Brood Dial Up to 11

Here is the podcast covering episode twenty-one of season one, “Blind Date”.

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We will be covering the finale, episode twenty-two of season one, “To Shanshu in LA”, where Wolfram and Hart try to sever Angel’s connection to the Powers That Be.


3 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.21 “Blind Date””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    I thought the moment where Angel cuts Lindsay’s hand off could have been a lot more dramatic. It didn’t feel like an epic showdown and Lindsay’s cries afterwards were not convincing. It seemed more like he’d stubbed his toe really badly. Anyway, congrats on completing season one. I’m looking forward to less disappointed Derek next season. Hang in there William 🙂

  2. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on”to shonshu in l.a.”

    I actually liked this one. Knowing who was going to appear at the end allowed me to focus on the rest of the episode and it was a fun deck clearing exercise.

    Nonsense between Kate and Angel? Have Angel say this is who I am, Kate, now get out of my way.

    Nonsense about how Angel is disconnected from the world? Demonstrate that Angel cares about someone and that they care about him.

    Nonsense about the shows lack of focus? Solidify Wolfram and Hart as the long term badies who actually have plan.

    A couple of other things:

    This episode may have answered the “why don’t they just kill Angel?” Question.

    Maybe as long as he is connected to the PTB he is protected.

    One gripe, why did they need to summon Darth Vocah if Lindsey was able to read the scroll? Couldn’t someone else have stolen the scroll back from Angel?

    All in all this was pretty entertaining and had a cool explosion to boot.

    Thanks for all your work guys. Looking forward to Season 2!

    75 out of 100

  3. Joseph says :

    For an episode with lots of plot and theoretically high stakes, I just didn’t feel that involved. It’s weird, but even with all the explosions and deaths, I didn’t feel that involved. I would have liked to see more of angry Angel and less of grim determined Angel.

    Maybe the prophesy mis-translation would have worked a little better if it had been used to suggest that Wesley thought Angel was going to die on this mission, instead of as a device to show that Angel doesn’t care enough.

    What was the point of the David Nabbitt scene? Are he and Gunn joining the team?

    On the other hand, they’ve set up a lot of plot threads for next season, which is cool.

    1) Kate is going all Javert/year 1 James Gordon on Angel. OK, I guess that explains why she has been so mad. However, making her more of a one-note semi-antagonist makes me less interested in her character development.

    2) Wolfram and Hart apparently have a real plan, and Lindsey has a bone to pick with Angel, or several.

    3) Angel has a goal – redemption. (One interesting thing about Angel that hasn’t really come over from Buffy is that he’s the most mysterious character – he received two miracles on BTVS that have never been explained. You would think the character would wonder who or what saved him and what their plans are).

    4) Darla!

    5) and I guess “new Cordelia,” although I like old Cordelia better.

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