Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.20 “War Zone”

Just a family sharing a nice stake….

Here is the podcast covering episode twenty of season one, “War Zone”.

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We will be covering episode twenty-one of season one, “Blind Date”, where Angel tries to stop a blind assassin.


3 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.20 “War Zone””

  1. samrocks1984 says :

    Still here guys listening faithfully weekly. Have had some hard times but thanx for the laughs. Oh my god though your batman skit last week I almost died laughing hubby thought I was a crazy person I was almost rolling on the floor dying in laughter I had years pouring. Keep up with the impromptu skits LOVE them

  2. Joseph says :

    Blind Date:

    This was a competent, very good episode. Not amazing, but just a very high level of tv.

    – Vanessa was a memorable villain, and it’s a nice inversion of Buffy to have a small evil woman kicking Angel’s giant ass. I wondered if Angel was going to try to redeem her right up to the moment he murdered her. I guess Derek’s right – Angel must have a redemption sense, and if he figures you’re not secretly feeling guilty, he chops you up.

    – On the other hand, Vanessa’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I mean, if I have a super accurate sense of anything that moves, and I see Angel move to a certain spot and then disappear, isn’t it a safe bet that he’s in the LAST FRICKIN PLACE I SAW HIM?

    – The core of the story is Holland and Lindsey, and they both did a great job. I like that both Holland and Angel are pretty confident that Lindsey can’t change, even if it is pretty dark on Angel’s part not to try to save Lindsey from himself.

  3. Cainim says :

    Quick thoughts on “blind date” while I house hunt in st. Paul

    So now we know what would happen if Bullseye and Daredevil had a daughter Wed get another sub par episode of Angel.

    Loved seeing Bernard life before he became a dentist met Rose and got stranded on the island.

    Seriously the scenes between Holland and Lindsey were the best things about this episode. They almost made me forget that no previous effort has been made to make Lindsey sympathetic.

    Also liked Angel’s stillness tactic in the fight scene.

    That’s it

    59 out of 100

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