Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.19 “Sanctuary”

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Here is the podcast covering episode nineteen of season one, “Sanctuary”.

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We will be covering episode twenty of season one, “War Zone”, where Angel helps a software millionaire track down a blackmailer.


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5 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.19 “Sanctuary””

  1. meags says :

    War zone
    So this episode here is either a failed damsel rescue, or a dude in distress, but I’m not really sure which. Or maybe the point is that Gunn should have asked for Angel’s help sooner and then his sister may have lived. I do like the idea that there are groups of people that are fighting vampires and it’s not just Angel vs. all the undead in LA.

    I’m not sure which plot is supposed to be the B plot, but David’s story is pretty much a boring side note that only serves to put Angel in the right place at the wrong time.

    Cordelia’s weird true confessions moment with Wesley was bizarre. I get that they are striving for some character development with her, but really? In what universe would Cordelia ever settle for a socially awkward nerd just for some cash flow?

    Re: Faith episodes.
    So please spell out for me how the Angel flashbacks correlate to Faith’s story? I can see that they both did bad things and feel regret, but I just feel like the situations are so different the parallel isn’t very clear. I definitely did not see that angle when watching, and pretty much chalked it up to foreshadowing for future plots.

    So I knew Faith’s last name was Lehane but for the life of me I can’t recall where I first heard it. Most likely in the comics, I guess.

    Buffy’s two appearances on the Angel show are interesting I think. In “I will remember you” she claims that she is a grown up now and doesn’t need to be treated like a child. But here, she throws a temper tantrum because Angel is trying to help Faith and not worshipping the ground that Buffy walks on.

    • Ashlie says :

      Both Faith and Kendra were first given their last names for the Buffy video game. But it does come up in the comics. I also agree about Buffy’s jealousy issues towards Faith. I really want to know if Faith told Angel the full story about the body swapping or does Angel think that Buffy’s boyfriend slept with Faith knowingly. For viewers that didn’t watch Buffy they might be confused as to why Buffy is so angry and the rooftop scene.

    • Joseph says :

      What I got from the flashbacks is that Angel knows what it is to live with overpowering guil and to want to die, and that for him to believe that he can be redeemed, he has to believe in Faith as well. Which might also some light on why he might have gone out of his way to save the demons from the Ring, but if that’s what the writers meant, they should have had Angel say somethig about it there.

      Of course, that doesn’t hold up to logic, but hey. First, Angel was unable to commit evil with a conscience, but Faith is the “do that girl” as late as Five by Five. Also, Angel didn’t try to redeem that guy from I Fall to Pieces, so maybe only pretty people get second chances.

  2. Ashlie says :

    I don’t really have anything to say about War Zone, never really cared about Gunn as a character. So back to last week’s episode, just a few comments on the podcast.

    Back to the Buffy and Faith rooftop scene from last week’s episode. I think that a part of why Buffy tells Faith to shut up and doesn’t allow her to apologize is because Buffy is so upset with Faith and just wants to punish her, that if Faith apologizes Buffy doesn’t want to have to forgive her. Like Angel said Buffy is just out for vengeance, she doesn’t want to understand Faith or have her apologize. She doesn’t want to hear what Faith has to say because then Buffy has to look at herself and try to find a way to forgive Faith, and she’s not willing to do that. Also I love the brown leather jacket Faith has, I want one. Although I’m curious as to where Faith get’s all these clothes. She always has a bag of clothes and stuff but yet she has no money and doesn’t wear the same clothes. It’s one of the things that bothers me in shows. People always wear new clothes but that would cost a lot more money than they have.

    I agree with Andrew from Tacoma. I’m a big Eliza fan. Love Dollhouse and Tru Calling. Dollhouse doesn’t pick up until episode 6 so I recommend making it that far before you give up. While Eliza’s acting has it’s ups and downs, she does have a few episodes where she does a great job. But she will always be best as Faith.

  3. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on “war zone”

    I’m tempted to write another mini play between the Angel head writers but I’ll spare you guys this time.

    Instead here’s how I picture this story may have come to be.

    With War Zone the writing team was so pleased with themselves for the Faith two parter that they took a vacation and left an intern in charge.

    That intern was left with a 20 minute script about a pseudo Bill Gates being blackmailed for a kink.

    He shook his head, wondering why this David guy would tell his “friends” about his uh shall we say hobby and who exactly these so called friends could be, but mostly wondering how to stretch this silly little script to 42 minutes.

    Then the intern remembered a pilot that he saw lying around about a gang of kids with problems that fought vampires. No not Buffy, this was an inner city version with trucks and fire and attitude. And with a likable lead actor playing a machine named character with limited depth.

    The intern glanced between the two scripts. What to do? Find some good jokes and flesh out the demon brothel blackmail plot?

    But the intern wasn’t a comedian or much of a writer, not yet at least, so that wouldn’t work. Well, what about the script about the kids? How bout that?

    Could he add some depth to Gunn and his relationship with his sister? Sigh, that would take time and he had a date that night.

    What to do?

    Mash up!

    The intern scrambled the pages from the two scripts together and handed them to the the cast and director.

    It’s a wonder it works at all.

    58 out of 100

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