Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.18 “Five by Five”

Faith really hates trenchcoats. Oh? That’s not why she’s crying?

Here is the podcast covering episode eighteen of season one, “Five by Five”.

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We will be covering episode nineteen of season one, “Sanctuary”, where there is one more than slayer in the city.


4 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.18 “Five by Five””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    Seeing the Watcher’s Council goons open fire on Buffy and Faith took me back to TBR discussions about the Cruciamentum. A lot of listeners came to the conclusion that the Council actually wanted their Slayers to die so that a new more controllable one would be called. I never quite subscribed to that but they certainly didn’t try to spare either of them here.

  2. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on “Sanctuary”

    Wow. To paraphrase one of my favorite mystery science theater 3000 jokes: “everyone put on eye protection. We’ve got a lot of loose plot ends flying together.”

    What really makes this episode works is that it really feels epic, like the entire season has been building up to this. It takes everything that has worked really well this season, Faith, Kate, wolfram and hart, buffy, the watchers wetworks team, that bluish purple thing, moral ambiguity, and build it towards a satisfying climax.

    Then you stop and breath for a second and realize all that stuff wasnt really there most of the season. It’s either from just last week, from a different show or it’s Kate or Wolfram and Heart, who have never been used as appropriately as they are used here.

    But it is done with such style that you almost don’t notice that Angel the show has re invented itself once again. And it does it by differentiating itself from it’s parent show.

    BTVS is about “saving the world a lot”. Angel is about saving one person at a time.

    This episode demonstrated that premise better than any client of the week episode ever has.

    Angel, Wesley, Cordelia and Faith are broken people and the show works when it focuses on them because we don’t want to give up on them. They are flawed and broken like us.

    This episode also finally demonstrates an understanding of the concept of drama. Drama comes from conflict and Sanctuary highlights these conflicts well, whether external, buffy and Angel, internal, Wesley and Faith who have to make choices that even on rewatch I couldn’t remember what they chose, and philosophical, buffy and Angel again.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is this episode was pretty cool. I’m glad I didn’t give up on Angel.

    80 out of 100

  3. Ashlie says :


    Yay more Faith! This is probably my favorite Faith episode, maybe 2nd favorite. So much to talk about.

    I’m curious as to how far down Angel’s apartment is. Because there is an elevator and stairs. The elevator only makes sense if it’s far enough below that taking it would be quicker than the stairs. Just curious. I like Faith lying in bed saying ‘Angel’ then having a quick flash to stabbing him but then replies ‘nothing’. It shows what her state of mind is and also connects back to two Buffy episodes. At the end of ‘Revelations’ Faith calls out Buffy’s name, but then says ‘nothing’. And in ‘Who Are You?’ Faith quickly imagines stabbing Willow. So it’s a good way to establish who Faith has always been, someone who doesn’t trust people.

    It’s nice to see Wesley change his mind about Faith after what she did to him. So we’re back to Kate again. I swear I like Kate, just not always how she’s used. She’s only her to set up the ending of Faith turning herself in. I did like her brief interaction with Buffy at the end where she’s just like ‘who are you?’ as Buffy is rambling on about saving Angel.

    Don’t care for the Watcher’s Council guys, but it’s nice seeing Wesley defend Angel. And where did that guy pull that mini crossbow out of?

    I really like the scene in the kitchen between Faith and Angel. You can tell that she’s not sure if she can make the right choices and do what it takes to make amends and seek redemption. The joke about how does the microwave work was funny too. It’s great seeing Angel trying to help her.

    Buffy’s back and I love her glare at Faith when Faith says her name. SMG is great in this episode, you really feel her hatred for Faith, and I think part of it has to do with her jealously. I get that she will always love Angel but does she really think Angel would get with Faith? Or is she just jealous of the attention and soft spot that he has for Faith? Her end line of ‘faith wins again’ proves her jealousy.
    I love the rooftop scene between Buffy and Faith. It’s my favorite scene between the two of them. Both actresses did a great job. Faith asking to making it right is almost heartbreaking because you can tell that she truly means it.

    The last scene between Buffy and Angel feels like a followup to ‘I Will Remember You’. It’s basically saying these two are going to move on from each other for now. It’s a great scene because you can tell they still have feelings for each other but like Angel says, Buffy doesn’t know him anymore and they need to stay away from each other.

    Sorry for the long post

  4. Franzi says :


    What an episode! I really enjoyed it

    Finally we see the “good” slayer and the “bad” slayer again in the same episode. I think this shows really good how Buffy sees the world, black and white. And the same applies to Faith. Only that she is on the dark side, where she doesn’t want to be anymore. But with her actions of the past there is no way for her to be good. Angel instead knows that there is more than black and white and offers Faith a third possibility.

    I don’t know if it was meant to be some kind of foreshadowing or I just interpret too much, but in “Who Are you” Faith has literally a depersonalization. In “Sanctuary” she has a psychologically. The dream sequence where she stabs Angel, the flashback, her panicattack after this and her try to run away.

    And last but not least a little observation: Lilah and Lindsey never said “Faith” or “Angel”, they only used personal pronouns.

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