Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.17 “Eternity”

Cordelia Getting Her Dorothy Gale On

Here is the podcast covering episode seventeen of season one, “Eternity”.

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We will be covering episode eighteen of season one, “Five by Five”, where Angel has a run in with The Other Slayer.


4 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.17 “Eternity””

  1. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on “Five by Five”

    That was more exciting in the first 2 minutes than the last 5 episodes combined.

    So this is what happens when there’s no Kate, no damsel or client of the week, you get a very good almost great episode.

    Every scene moves the plot forward which is a refreshing change of pace. We get some lovely character pairings. Lilah and Faith in an alley. Angel and Faith in an alley, Anger and kind almost victim girl in an alley. And even a great scene with Angel and Lindsey not in an alley.

    Watching these actors enjoy playing off each other is a delight. More of these kinds of interactions please.

    But my favorite of all is the interaction of Wesley and Faith. That Wyndam-Price is one though cookie. I’m really starting to believe that when Wes has focus of intent his competence shines. It’s when he lacks confidence in something, a viewpoint, a cause, himself, that the bumbler comes out.

    Favorite moment, Angel figuring out that Faith sought a certain kind of redemption and refusing to grant it.

    Faith did forget one type of torture, watching episodes like “She” and “Eternity” . Hopefully that torture is behind all of us now.

    74 out of 10″

  2. Ashlie says :

    FIVE BY FIVE 5×5
    Yay Faith is back, or just arrived since it her first appearance on this show. I’m a huge Faith fan, I know some people aren’t. While I love her on Buffy, she’s even better on Angel.

    I’m a bit curious as to what Faith’s plans were when she got to Los Angeles. Did she just expect to stay at that guys place forever? What if he comes back after the hospital? Surely she would run out of money in his wallet, especially if she keeps going to clubs. Oh the practical questions. Sigh, oh well. I did like her introduction, it shows how crazy she is. And the dance/fight scene in the club was awesome, she was looking good. Unfortunately she was wearing terrible outfits the rest of this episode. Like Angel said, she’s looking worn out.

    The flashbacks were great, showing us what Angel was like right after he was cursed and how confusing it was for him. It’s always great to see more Darla and what their life was like together. Where were Spike and Dru?

    I love Angel trying to pretend to be a lawyer at Wolfram and Hart to that guy that works there. Digitally recorded in hi-def, was that around back in 2000? That seems more like a modern thing.

    “Soul boy” I love that line. The torture scene was done great, you can tell how psychotic Faith really is. And poor Wesley, he may have been a jerk back in Sunnydale but he doesn’t deserve to be tortured. I love the fight in the alley in the rain. Seeing Faith break down and telling Angel to kill her was great. She knows what she’s become and she hates herself for it and if anyone was going to kill her it should be Angel. Except that, unlike some people (Buffy), Angel is concerned about saving her, not punishing her. This is what I love about Angel. He doesn’t give up on people.

  3. chrisart6 says :


    NO NO NO NO NO NO. This makes me sooooo mad. Only two times in Buffy/Angel do I get this mad. My Buffy episode is Empty Places where the ungratefuls kick Buffy out of the house. But geez thats for another time.

    How can we all of a sudden change the mythology of the curse? HOW? It’s ridiculous. This does not work for me. There is no explanation that will make me see this as ok. I understand that they wanted to show the viewers Angelus but this is not how it’s done.

    The curse is triggered PERMANTLY after one moment of happieness. NOT a FEELING of happieness. Are we saying that Angel never had at least one feeling of happieness with Buffy? Ever? Come on now. So not the point.
    This goes against everything that we know about the curse! Not to mention, he still has his soul, no matter how bloody happy he is, it doesn’t change this fact.
    Arghhhhh the more I think about it, the more it upsets me.

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