William’s Review – 1.16 “The Ring”

The Good

I really did like Wesley and Cordelia in this episode. We started with the usual bickering, but throughout the episode they really did make quite the team with Angel missing. Every scene they sprinkled throughout this episode really kept me invests. It’s been a continual strength of this mediocre first season seeing these characters interact. I hope in the future we get a similar episode where Angel is side lined, because I would be interested in seeing there interactions again.

Lilah Morgan’s introduction was an interesting one. I truly love that she is the most “gray” lawyer from Wolferman Hart we’ve in countered thus far. I think her trying to make a deal with Angel is infinitely more interesting than “Evil Sheldon Cooper Lawyer” just mustache twirling. Speaking on that scene it really was a standout in the episode. It makes me wonder how much Wolferman Hart knows about Angel and what exactly they have planned for him.

The Bad

Okay the premise is pretty silly, but besides that it’s just not executed very well at all. It makes tons of logic jumps with almost no explanation. Why does Angel refuse to fight demons? How does Angel know they’ll explode from the bracelets? For the matter how does Wesley also know?

The fight club itself just didn’t get enough time to develop whatever kind of story they were trying to tell here. If they are trying to make the demons out to be like people and the humans to be evil here, then why then do the ending? I was also not a fan of any of the fight scenes. There were just no drama to them and while they we’re suppose to break up the monotony of the episode, they just felt rather bland and boring.

I know the ending is suppose to be an “Ah ha! Gotcha!” Funny moment, but they really did just set a bunch of killer demons loose. I don’t think I was THAT bothered that they pointed that out. It was part of the problem with the premise. But I do think it was more of a problem that they depicted the “slaves” slaughtering everyone on their way out to triumphant music.

The Unknown

Wesley’s sudden competence when he goes to the bookie was definitely striking. For a guy that is usually 90% comedic relief him getting serious stands out. Was this an attempt to show more about the character? Or did they just need to get to Angel and this was the quickest way to do it?

Also was there truly no point to this stand alone episode?

Favorite Moment

Like I said Cordelia and Wesley were a shining light in an otherwise bad episode, so I settled with their “interrogation” of the couple outside the club. Great comedy and showed their team work together. Also “something’s going down with the man!” really cracked me up.

Bottom line

This was all over the place. Mostly it was just bland and boring. I like bits here, but tons of logic jumps and a premise I wasn’t sold on really held me back on this. The two pluses where our character continued chemistry together and the introduction of an interesting face to Wolferman Hart. I do wonder if the problems with this episode have to deal with the writer of the episode. Both Hero (Nazi Demons) and Expecting we’re pretty flawed in both premise and execution and this followed suit.

Score: 55 out of 100


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