Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.16 “The Ring”

The only one who matters in this episode.

Here is the podcast covering episode sixteen of season one, “The Ring”.

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We will be covering episode seventeen of season one, “Eternity”, where Angel is hired by a harassed celebrity.


11 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.16 “The Ring””

  1. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on “Eternity”

    During the first 30 minutes of this episode two questions kept running through my head.

    Why was the actress crossing the street in the first place?

    And more importantly….

    What show am I watching?

    Sure it had some familiar characters but maybe Wesley and Cordelia were making a guest appearance on something else. Sure it had the annoying jump cuts but other shows do that too. Was this one of those Law and Orders? Maybe this was an episode of Bones. I’ve never seen one, so could be.But I didn’t hear anyone called that in the episode.

    Maybe Bones is a nickname for Reb…

    Nope not going to finish that joke. It’s rude. I don’t want to be THAT guy.

    Then with about ten minutes left this turned good. It’s always fun to see Boreanez cut loose. He plays hurtful psycho so very well. So the last bit which actually saw some nice character moments deserves some praise.

    Random thoughts.

    So the teaser scene didn’t work at all for me. This show is all about misdirection so I anticipated a contrasting reveal. And this reveal just wasn’t that funny.

    Charisma Carpenter does something I’ve always thought must be very difficult for an actor. she does bad acting acting very very well.

    I would think Rebecca would be a bit more angry at Oliver for setting all this up.

    So let’s see, a score, well bad first 2/3 followed by good ending, carry the 4 and this gets a…

    60 out of 100

  2. stacey mccool (@hungrymccool) says :

    i personally prefer monster of the week episodes or outlandish plots with little bits of an overarching plot threaded throughout. (essentially the first 3 seasons of most scifi/fantasy shows)

    i don’t see the difference between accepting a sexy vampire with a soul or a hot chic with visions over a demon fighting ring or an adrenal gland chomping demon. it’s all magical fantasy nonsense so why not just relax and let it wash over you? maybe i care about the characters too much (this podcast [and it’s sister] marks my 5th rewatch of angel and 10th of buffy) but the minutiae that gets your goat sometimes is just a laugh-off for me.

    the introduction of layla morgan in “the ring” was much anticipated. what a sweet, sweet bitka she is.

    “eternity” was an episode that really stuck with me the first time i watched the series through. angel was meta before meta was meta, man. you think charisma carpenter isn’t still getting called “cordelia” on her instagram in 2014? because she is. if you saw david boreanaz on the street, what would you want to call out?seeley? i think not. i truly felt the cast dug getting to do this (not only because david is so good at being bad) but also because it was close to home.

    also, i think it was important to introduce angelus to new viewers of the buffyverse early in the first season without having to sacrifice a potentially huge storyline that would work as a great finale or later season arc.

  3. Cainim says :

    Another thought inspired by something you guys said last week and after watching “Eternity”, another in a string of episodes ranging from bad to meh.

    I started watching Angel while season 4 was airing live. I soon thereafter picked up the earlier seasons on DVD and plowed through them.

    But what if I had watched Angel weekly from the beginning? Would I still be watching each week when “eternity” aired.

    Personally I think I would have stopped after “She”.

    What do you guys think? And what do your listeners think? Also anyone out there actually watch Angel from the beginning and stick with it?

    • meags says :

      I marathoned Buffy and Angel in order of air date. (There are nifty charts online to help with this, I discovered.) I have a friend that attempted to do the same and thought Angel was so boring she didn’t make it past the 3rd episode in season 1. I guess I was already invested enough in the characters that I kept going, although I will be honest, I sometimes just put up with the Angel episode because I wanted to get to the next Buffy.

    • Ashlie says :

      I came into Angel mid season 2 when it was airing luckily, and I was hooked. When I went back to watch season 1 as a whole, the first time I was bored. So I might have not continued to watch it when it was airing then.

    • Joseph says :

      I think most people assume that the first year of a genre show will be a little shaky as the writers and actors get their feet. This season reminds me of the old Highlander show more than anything – basically a lot of monster of the week episodes plus a little mythology, and it works if you like the genre stuff.

      • Cainim says :

        I agree with you for the most part about genre show ‘s first seasons being dicey but I think Angel ‘s is poorer than most. The x-files, star trek: tng, twin peaks, once upon a time, and BTVS came out of the gate stronger than Angel did.

        My gut just tells me the show survived this period on the sheer audience goodwill towards the main characters and not the stories they were put in.

        To each their own though and I certainly respect everyone else’s opinions.

  4. Catherine Sizemore says :

    First time writing in, and I love your podcast! I started listening to the Buffy rewatch several months ago and didn’t catch up in time to comment there. I was glad to see there was an Angel rewatch podcast, and after listening to your synopsis on the first episode, I was in stitches and have been listening ever since. You guys are wonderful!

    On to “Eternity”… I find this episode a little irritating, mostly because the actress annoys me. I get the premise they’re going for, but I didn’t like it when Buffy encountered the vampire wannabes, and I like it even less here. Yes, vampires are somewhat romanticized in our culture, but, seriously? I will say that I enjoyed seeing Angelus again–David B’s acting really shines when he is playing Angelus, and I always love his scenes. I’m not so sure about the logic behind the synthetic switch, but I’m happy with the result. And Cordelia’s response the next morning to Angel asking if she’s going to unchain him? Priceless. 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work!

  5. meags says :

    I can’t really get too worked up about “Eternity”. The aging actress is a tired plotline, and the human wanting to be young and beautiful forever story was done much better in Buffy’s “Lie To Me”.I always enjoy an appearance by Angelus, but did anyone else feel like he was phoning it in a little? Angelus is usually a little more sinister and less mustache-twirly. Also, how on earth did Wesley sudden gain super strength to knock him out cold long enough for them to put 100 chains on him?

    I may be in the minority, but I thought it was interesting that some happy drug (X, no doubt) was enough to bring out Angelus. There are some logic problems with it, but it was an interesting idea. (If all it takes is a moment of pure happiness, that should have been enough to forever alter the curse, right?)

    More Wolfram and Hart please!

  6. Ashlie says :

    So another damsel in distress/love interest episode. At least they tired to add a twist to it even if it didn’t help. The only thing that save this episode was the return of Angelus. There are some logic problems with it. Should it matter if the happiness is synthetic or not? I don’t think that pure happiness lasts forever either. So any moment of true happiness should trigger the curse permanently. I guess it could make sense, but it also sounds like it doesn’t. Either way I’m happy to see Angelus back. And yes, David plays Angelus differently, more jokey imo, after season 2 of Buffy.

  7. Joseph says :

    I basically liked this episode. I thought it was a B+ monster of the week plot that moved Angel’s character forward in some interesting ways.

    The good: I’m starting to buy the plotline that they’ve been running with Angel – that his loneliness and guilt over the curse is causing him to reach out to the various potential love interests. This might have been the first time that it seemed to me that Angel was, as Derek would say, “just trying to make a connection.”

    – Cordelia and Wesley have developed into really reliable supporting characters. They have stuff to do, and they’re always fun to watch. I like that Cordelia’s observant enough to notice that Angelus wears leather pants.

    – Oliver’s a great side character. It doesn’t take a lot of scenes to create a sense of who he is, and I’d love to see more of him.

    – Angelus had a few good scary moments.

    The bad: On the other hand, Angelus’s problem is that he’s way too chatty, and that was on full display here. I would have liked him to be scarier.

    – The actress character never really interested me. It’s tough – she has to shift from lonely damsel to femme fatale over the course of the episode, and while it makes sense on paper, the character just didn’t have the magnetism to pull me in.

    – It bugged me when Wesley announced that the Angelus visit was only temporary. How does he know how a drug interacts with a one-of-a-kind gypsy curse that no one had even heard of three years ago? I would have much preferred to have the gang be worried about whether or not it was permanent, then reveal that it wasn’t perfect happiness at all – that’s just what Angel is like if you give him a drug that relaxes his inhibitions. (That probably would have required an angrier performance to show what happens if you mix Liam, Angel, and Angelus and remove his inhibitions, but that would have been better than Angelus’ “game show host” performance”)

    – It didn’t really make sense to me that Rebecca would go straight to drugging Angel. I guess Cordy must have told her that Angel would never create a vampire, but not that all vampries except Angel are irredeemably evil, but that sort of strains belief, especially in a conversation we didn’t see.

    Some random comments:

    – It was a nice touch to have Rebecca invite Angel into her home in the car crash aftermath so that he could burst in later. I wondered how he got in for a minute before I remembered the invitation.

    – Some dated references: (1) Wesley has a pager; (2) Rebecca is worried about Entertainment Tonight and the Enquirer, when now this stuff would have been all over TMZ. (If anyone wants to do a fan video of the TMZ story about Rebecca and Angel, that would be awesome.)

    – Rebecca is so fitness conscious that she takes the stairs to get to Angel’s basement!

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