Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.15 “The Prodigal”

Father/Daughter Bonding Time?

Here is the podcast covering episode fifteen of season one, “The Prodigal”.

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We will be covering episode sixteen of season one, “The Ring”, where Angel joins a supernatural fight club.


12 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.15 “The Prodigal””

  1. Cainim says :

    Follow up thoughts on the “the prodigal”

    I like the thought you guys mention that the soul Angelus gets might not be Liam’s but if it does belong to someone else doesn’t that make the flashbacks to ye olde Ireland pointless?

    I was sad you cut my reference to the demon asking for an adrenal gland before the ad break which I consider one of the funniest over the top lines so far.

    I wonder if it came from an earlier version of the script where they explained the boss demon’s motivation.

    Oh well. Nice work as always guys.

    • angelrewatch says :

      William here – well if it is a new soul I think the Darla speech still applies. What kind of human informs what kind of vampire he’ll be as Angelus. And how Angelus was will influence who he is now. Again all of this is deliberately vague and ultimately it doesn’t matter who’s soul it is. Angel is the sum of all his parts, memories, and past actions. I just think it’s an interesting idea to think about.

      I had forgotten about the adrenal glands…that was really random.

      Thanks as always for your continued input.

    • Joseph says :

      I love the boss demon for so many reasons.

      1) If you watch the credits, his name is “Head Demon.” It’s rife with double entendre, which is at least one more entendre that you normally get!

      2) I love his management style. “Boss, one of our customers is asking if we can special order a die cut gear shift for a 1960 . . .” “KILL HIM!” “Boss, the bathroom sink is leaking. . .” “KILL IT!!!”

  2. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on “The Ring”

    It’s not a good thing when your heroes point out the huge flaw in your story at the end of the episode.

    I’ve decided that the best way to improve my comments is to watch each episode twice. Except the second time to just watch the good bits.

    So there’s some entertaining banter between Wesley and Cordelia and this Lila character seems intriguing. And the disintegration effect was pretty cool.

    And look at that! Rewatching the good stuff only took about two and a half minutes.

    53 out of 100

  3. Ashlie says :

    I actually thought the whole demon ring fighting thing was a cool idea. The only question I had was why Angel was not in vamp face? He looks like just a regular human fighting demons even though he has all the abilities of a vampire, I just thought it would look cooler if he was in vamp face. Maybe Angel doesn’t like to be in vamp face or something. I curious to know if maybe Angel can feel Angelus’ presence more when he’s in vamp face. Doyle was stronger in demon form but I guess that doesn’t matter for vampires.

    • Joseph says :

      I had a theory back on the Buffy rewatch when [Spoiler] couldn’t activate his vamp face without getting mad – my theory is that when the vamp face comes out, it means that the demon is getting closer to the surface, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Angel was using his slow tai chi expertise to keep Angelus safely buried.

      . . . also, his strategy depended on using his puppy dog eyes to melt bone-head guy’s bony heart.

      • Ashlie says :

        That’s always what I have thought too. But visually it just looks like a human fighting a demon. Oh those puppy dog eyes. lol.

      • angelrewatch says :

        We didn’t bring this particular point in the podcast up but I think it’s worth noting that there must be considerable time to get Boreanaz into the vamp makeup. It has to make more sense time management wise if he doesn’t have it in every fight. It certainly looks uncomfortable,

  4. Joseph says :

    Some random thoughts on Prodigal.

    – Cordy and Wesley’s chemistry is great, and “rife with single entendre” is the best put down on the show yet.

    – Wesley has the potential to be pretty scary. He’s unpredictably competent, is goofy enough to come up with plans that any sane person would avoid, such as facing off against four armed dudes with a single shot dart gun, and is staggeringly ruthless. And he can do all that in the same episode where he does flat out funny stuff like his ridiculous “bad cop” act or losing the key to tongue guy.

    – I agree with Derek that these episodes don’t seem to be going anywhere, but I’m enjoying the monster of the week episodes. They’re not great TV, but they’re consistently good cheesy fun.

  5. meags says :

    Quick comment on Lilah: I appreciated that her role wasn’t tied to her being a woman. If they had cast a dude, most of the lines probably would be the same, aside from the sexual “tension” between Angel and Lilah in the office scene.

  6. Chrisart says :

    Quick note: Did anyone else notice Christina Hendricks in this episode? She plays Darla’s friend in the bar. I never realized this. I always thought her first job in the Whedonverse was in Firefly. Go figure.

    Also, can this please be the end of Kate? I’m just not feeling her, never had, not from the start & not from any rewatches. Hmmmm, I guess she just doesn’t live up to Buffy? Yes I compaired.

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