William’s Review – 1.14 “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”

The Good

So this episode wasn’t half bad. I actually almost like how stereotypical of an exorcist movie with our character plugged in.

I think it was a great call Evoking Doyle’s death by calling Wesley Doyle. It felt like just enough time has passed for the characters and the audience to forget only to have that painful reminder. It was also wonderful to have Cordelia and Angel begin to speak about it. It was deepening their relationship, if only to get it interrupted by Cordelia’s vision.

I liked Wesley in this episode. He seemed to step up and become a real factor here. He tried to take charge with the exorcism and I particularly move the scene where he tosses the cross at Angel to prove his point. Of course it goes completely wrong and we have Angel come to the rescue with a particularly bad ass moment wrapping his hand with a rag cross in hand to perform the exorcism.

Misdirection with the son actually worked for me at the end of the episode. I thought it was an interesting twist to actually have the real threat be the real world element. I also was on board with representing the father as the “guy who will do anything to keep his family together.”

The Bad

While some of the misdirection worked in this episode, the misdirection with the Dad was just annoying. They literally did everything they possibly could to try and paint him as the bad guy. Evil music playing, glares from our main character, having the father smoke and even talk differently. As soon as the father ate that cookie he became a completely different character.

The Mother following horror stereotype of losing all sense really took me out of a lot of the scenes. I can buy that someone high strung with all this family has gone through could be in complete denial, but when your sons face is literally cracking and demon like you have to act appropriately. It was just aggravating as an audience member and was a bad example of a horror cliche.

The ending trying to tie together the theme of keeping your family together didn’t hit home for me. While I liked them exploring a bit more of the emotional fallout of Doyle’s death, I just don’t think they did enough to tie the end of this episode together thematically.

The Unknown

Was the son was actually in control the whole time? If the demon was trying to escape why was he resisting so much? My own theory was that Ryan had tapped into some aspect of the possession. In either case it wasn’t explicitly clear.

Not bad per say, but Cordelia as the comic relief felt a bit strange. Her being blatant around the family bothered me, but the bits at the magic shop actually made me laugh.

Kate showing up was interesting. I’m not sure where she’s suppose to be with Angel at this point. Hopefully we’ll see more of their interaction down the road.

Favorite Moment

The nun scene was awesome! I always love when real world elements come into our supernatural world. Seeing Angel visibly distressed as he entered the church was very intriguing and loved the fact the Nun instantly knows what he is. It was the standout scene for me and put a smile on my face.

Bottom Line

While not perfect I enjoyed a lot of what was here. Seeing our characters continue to develop has been great on Rewatch. The horror cliches and mostly unlikeable family just dragged this down slightly.

Score: 64 out of 100


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