Angel Rewatch – Podcast for “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”

Ryan does not like Sunday School…

Here is the podcast covering episode fourteen of season one, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”.

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We will be covering episode fifteen of season one, “The Prodigal”, where Angel tackles a group of drug smuggling vampires.


7 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for “I’ve Got You Under My Skin””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    The Prodigal: I liked the way the flashback to “Becoming” was handled. To avoid boring Buffy fans or confusing Angel-only viewers their fast forwarded slow motion montage was a good compromise. The moment when Angel is forced to stand and watch Kate’s father die was suitably emotive and the flashbacks to Angel’s first kills were strong too. It’s a shame the big demon died so quickly, though I thought his chief vampire minion played his role well.

  2. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on “The Prodigal”

    Ah how nice it is to see Julie Benz back as Darla but deeper thoughts prevent me from just enjoying her presence.

    Let’s start with Wesley. This is my third time watching through Angel(the first since 2010) and the first time I’ve been been hyper aware of Wesley’s misogyny. As he started to blather about the difficulties women supposedly have dealing with the supernatural I realized that as annoying as he can be I still like Wesley.

    Why? Then it hit me. Wesley has many honorable characteristics, he’s eager, smart, desperate to do something good and fight back against evil. He’s also flawed. We saw daddy issues underneath last week and there’s the disrespect for women and the bumbling clumsiness both physical and verbal. In short there’s a bit of depth to him. Well duh you say. What’s your point? Well my point is I can be friends with someone that I strongly disagree with on something.because they are still a person and for 99.5 percent of us our good qualities compensate for our flaws.

    In shorter Wesley is becoming more realistic in my eyes partially because of his flaws therefore relatable therefore likable.

    Now let’s hope he grows up and changes.

    This episode also addresses a plot complaint I’ve had forever. Why would ANGEL feel remorse for the things Angelus did when we have been told that a vampire is the demon driving the soulless human body? As I watched the prodigal the thought dawned on me that maybe deep down ANGEL is atoning for his Liam life not his Angelus one. Whether this is because he wants to prove his father wrong, like Darla implies in her pretty speech at the end, or as I prefer to think part of him realizes he was a drunken predatory lout before he was turned gives Angel the hero a motivation that works for me.

    Okay there’s a lot of stuff I loved about this episode, the Kate/Trevor plot works for instance, but I’ve gone on long enough.

    I’m feeling peckish.

    Somebody get me an adrenal gland!


    • Joseph says :

      I didn’t mind Wesley’s “especially women” comment because the show immediately showed that Cordy didn’t have any problems at all. It highlighted one of Cordy’s strengths – that she might be the best at just dealing with the supernatural as it comes – and the writers made it immediately clear that Wesley was wrong.

      • Cainim says :

        That’s a good point. The episode isn’t that misogynistic. But making Wesley say things like that makes him appear misogynistic or foolish or both. That’s okay by me as long as it’s dealt with at some point.

  3. Joseph says :


    Overall, a pretty good episode, with some good character beats for everyone. I liked what this episode did for Kate, Angel, and doubly posthumous Darla, and I was engaged the whole way through.

    – I guess this is still technically a “damsel” episode, with Kate as the damsel, but it didn’t bug me because Kate is clearly capable of taking care of herself. Her character is going down an awfully dark path for network TV. She was already sort of isolated, but both learning about the supernatural and losing her father are going to separate her even more from the people around her. It’s like she’s on the opposite path of Angel – he’s learning to connect to humans, but Kate is losing her connections.

    – I though Elizabeth Rohm did a very nice job. It was sad but believable to see Kate get a moment of hope that her father was taking her to lunch to check up on her boyfriend, and her disappointment when she realized he had other motives, and I totally bought into her evolving feelings for Angel.

    – I liked the flashback as a connecting device. From the initial misdirect to the horror of realizing that Liam had a little sister to the added depth that it gave to the Darla-Angelus relationship, it was good enough to make me forget the accents and wigs.

    – Now everyone but Cordy has had their relationship with their father called out. Are we going to get an episode where her dad escapes from tax prison.and wants her to set him up with a prosperity demon? Is phantom Dennis’s 90 year old father going to show up at the apartment and monologue about what a disappointment Dennis was?

    – It was a nice touch that Liam’s father and Kate’s father both wanted to help their kids, but were just really bad at it. I wonder if Kate will ever know why her father was taking payoffs?

    • Ashlie says :

      Yes the terrible accents and wigs. I do love seeing more Darla, the flashback scenes on Angel are great because there is so much story to tell there.
      Even though I do like Kate and I felt bad for her when she realized her dad wasn’t really taking an interest in her, I also just don’t care about her daddy issues. Didn’t like it in ‘Sense and Sensibility’ and I don’t like it here, might be just because I don’t like his character.

  4. Chrisart says :

    “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” & “She”

    Serious fashion moment:
    I know you guys are a season ahead of me in real time so you might not remember this but for 2 episodes in a row, Wesley’s shirts have been all wrinkled.
    Does he not own an iron? Or are they showing us that he is not himself, the clean cut, uptight Watcher? That now that he has been fired and is a Rogue Demon Hunter/new employee of Angel that he is out of sorts?

    Or is the costume department just being lazy?

    For any other show I would be doubtful. For a Joss show? I think this is a very subtle way of showing that Wesley isn’t the man he once was in Buffy. He is still showing the same signs of personality that he was known for, but there are cracks under the surface? Or wrinkles?

    Just a thought. I’ll continue on this theory, make a note for when his shirts start getting ironed.

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