Attention! Urgent! Other Important Words!

We don’t mean to scare you because of life complications the podcast will not be up this Monday, September 15TH. But don’t worry will be recording this Tuesday the 16th and it should be up later in the week. So slight delay but no further interruptions in your regularly scheduled podcasting programming (hopefully).


One response to “Attention! Urgent! Other Important Words!”

  1. samrocks1984 says :

    You ruined my tues morn guys. I was all set had my coffee cranking my packet of smokes( yes I know it’s a filthy habit sue me) sat out the back ready to download and listen and watch the sunrise and no podcast. Thus depressing me haha shall I tell you how crappy my day was as I was unable to laugh at the awesomeness that you record? Seriously don’t do it again guys I can’t take another Shizzy day like that again lol ok I kid I kid. Love you guys

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