William’s Review – 1.13 “She”

The Good

Okay so I’m a bit of a defender of the episode. I like this in concept and like some of the things they are trying to do and say. It just becomes a little muddled during.

I like this weird little SciFi story of demon’s from another dimension. That women are practically slaves and we have a BA Female Princess that is in sighting a rebellion for change. One scene in particular was effective in demonstrating the monstrousness of their society, the scene in which they “unmake” one of the women. It was highly disturbing and that’s what it was trying to get across.

I enjoyed how all the action scenes were filmed and choreographed. They did a good job of not zooming too close so you could see what was going on. I also like the diversity in Bi Ling’s fighting style. It was different and interesting to watch.

The pacing in this episode worked really well for me. I think it may be the reason I’m not overalls critical of the episode. It burns at such a quick pace that I didn’t have time to really nit pick the episode.

The Bad

While good SciFi comments on society in a subtle way, this decided a “different” approach. This had all the subtlety of Nazi Demons marching down the streets of L.A.

Okay Bi Ling is not a great actress. I just don’t think she could handle what they gave her here. Her character has to be the entire representation of the female sex of her species. I think if they had better material for her/she was more up to the task this would have come across better.

They really forced the chemistry between Bi Ling and David Boreanaz. I could have done without the incessant heavy breathing. Especially when it happens during the exposition of what this story is all about.

Wesley suddenly fawning over the women because of their “power” was disconcerting. It was played as comedy, but viewed in the right light it was very objectifying of the women in the ice baths…with only towels on…

The Unknown

So they set up the end of this episode as if we might see the return of Bi Ling. Part of me likes the character they were trying to set up…the other part paid attention to Bi Ling’s acting. So yeah…we’ll see.

Favorite Moment

The Art museum chase I thought was well done. I liked how well paced it was and having Angel use his smarts to blend in and talk about an interesting moment in his past with the painter and the poet. Overall just a really cool scene.

Bottom Line

This was probably offensive, but I didn’t feel offended. I like this weird SciFi story they are trying to tell. I’m a bit conflicted and forgiving. In no way is this great and there is a gray line they are straddling from offensive misogyny and SciFi trying to comment on society. But I will say I had fun watching this. I think the concept is there, but maybe I’m squinting to make it seem better than it is.

Score 61 out of 100


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