The Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.14 “She”

So hot. Right guys? Right?

Here is the podcast covering episode thirteen of season one, “She”.

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We will be covering episode fourteen of season one, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, where Angel performs an exorcism.


7 responses to “The Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.14 “She””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    re:I’ve Got You Under My Skin. A pretty intense episode for a change and a nice twist ending that I’d forgotten. This had both the threatening evil and internal character dynamics that marked out the better Buffy monster-of-the-week eps. But I did want to moan once more about the writers’ obsession with misdirection. The Dad was so gruff and short with Angel until the moment he ate the brownie. Suddenly his tone and intonation changed to honest and earnest. It remains odd on Rewatch of both shows that no one put a stop to this repetitive formula.

  2. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on “I’ve got you under my skin”

    I really didn’t want to watch this. Exorcism? Another trope. Sigh.

    Surprise surprise. This wasn’t too bad.

    Let me count the ways.

    1. Plausable characters acting in semi plausible ways. I even believe creep dads personality shift one the son’s secret is out. I’ve seen tense people act like jerks and then chill out once they trust that someone can help them so….check!

    2.hints that there’s more to Wesley than bumbling annoyance or at least a reason he’s a bumbling fool. It’ll be interesting to see where the daddy issues lead. So bits of character insight…check.

    3 a horror cliche that contains a neat little twist and before the twist arrives at least keeps the pace up. So entertaining …check.

    4. Limited misogyny…check.

    5. An ending that doesn’t make sense(where did he get the gas can? Why attack the sister now? How does a vampire run into a fire? Did Elizabeth Rohm have to show up to rehearsal for one scene?) So…check.

    Hey can’t have everything.


  3. meags says :

    While I don’t love this episode, it wasn’t bad. The pacing was good and I liked the character development of our main characters. The misdirection I felt could have been better. I only slightly remembered this episode, mainly that I knew the father wasn’t the one that was possessed, and I definitely don’t think the misdirection worked here. The attitude change was too abrupt and didn’t seem organic. I didn’t remember the ending about the demon not wanting to be in the soulless sociopath kid, so it got me this time too. I think it was pretty effective. I liked the scene in the church a lot, the dialogue was good and it really set the stage for the threat of the Ethros demon.

    One weird logical blip: if the demon wanted to get out and couldn’t really possess the boy or whatever explanation they gave, how did the boy know all those thoughts of Angel and Wesley? Did the boy somehow absorb the demon’s powers? Also, the two vocal tracks were distracting and I had a hard time understanding the exact words being said.

    Altogether a decent episode.

  4. Joseph says :

    I’ve Got You Under My Skin:

    Basically a competent episode that satisfied a bunch of horror tropes and delivered without being really amazing. The twists and misdirection were appropriate for the genre, and I didn’t feel like any of them were cheating. Like Meags, I’m not sure in hindsight about what was happening in the exorcism scene – were they talking to the boy there, or the demon?

    I thought the Doyle moments were a good try to get Angel emotionally invested in the plot, but not ultimately successful in raising this from an adequate episode to a great one.

    It’s funny how Wesley brings out his “serious voice” every so often – it’s that low scary voice he used to say “hello Angel” in his introduction, and makes a few appearances here. Overall, Wesley has some good moments, and it feels like the show has an idea where they want him to go and is being patient about it. I appreciate that they seem to be patient with Kate here – she and Angel just get a look at the end, but it feels like they’re moving her storyline forward in a thoughtful way.

    I’m still not crazy about the gender issues. Wesley and the dad both had challenges but were basically competent, while Cordelia’s role seems to be saying inappropriate things and shopping, and the mom’s job is to be irrational cause feelings. It’s weird for a Joss Whedon/Marti Noxon show to play a lot of sexist themes so straight.

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