William’s Review – 1.12 “Expecting”

The Good

So…let’s dig deep and try and find some stuff.

I like the initial switch of Angel and Wesley finding Cordelia in bed and it becoming “all hands on deck.”

The group actually coming closer together at the end of the episode was nice. The one thing that’s continued to be a strength of the show is our main characters chemistry together.

SOME of the humor worked for me. In particular two scenes. First Cordelia’s “Don’t touch me!” At the doctor’s office was really funny and seemed like a Cordelia reaction to have. Secondly the site gag of Cordelia chugging the blood really caught me off guard. Seeing Angel’s disgusted face was just unexpected and made me laugh pretty hard

Ok…the rest of the episode.

The Bad

To sum up in one word, this was insulting. I don’t know why SciFi expresses the need to tell the “mystical pregnancy” storyline, but it’s really quite annoying. Why are all the female character incompetent? Treated has objects or plot devices? God forbid we have a character have sex that actually ends up okay. I’m glad that none of our characters put any blame on Cordelia or this episode would have been even more infuriating. They literally have Cordelia point out her being safe as to not put any blame. Not that there should be. I also hate that the babies begin to mind control the mothers. To have Cordelia need help is fine, but to have her actively not involved and acting “crazy.” Again insulting.

I didn’t like Wesley again talking bad on one of our characters. I’m glad he flipped script pretty quick, but it just felt unnecessary to have him appear unlikeable…again.

Favorite Moment

The opening with Cordelia about go out “with the girls.” I thought it was funny and fresh. I liked Angel and Wesley stalling was pleasantly awkward. The bit with Wesley swinging the axe in the wall I quite enjoyed.

Bottom Line

So yes, this episode made me mad. I’m tired of damsels and cliches. Please be better Angel. You are a Joss Whedon for crying out loud!

Score: 43 out of 100


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