Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.12 “Expecting”

Cordelia Drinking Blood: Not as disgusting as the episode itself

Here is the podcast covering episode twelve of season one, “Expecting”.

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We will be covering episode thirteen of season one, “She”, where Angel teams up with a demon princess.


3 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.12 “Expecting””

  1. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on “She”

    I would like to talk about:

    Who’s comedic dancing was better, Angel, Wesley or that guy in the background with the ponytail?

    And would 45 minutes of bad dancing be better than this episode?

    Or I could talk about:

    How LA must be just like high school. You can have no friends but if you throw a party lots of people will show up.

    Or maybe I could discuss:

    How I can relate to how Wesley talks to woman at parties, cause I used to(used to I swear) be that awkward as well.

    Perhaps we could gab about:

    Hey it’s Bai Ling, I forgot they tried to make her a star here before they tried again and failed again in a horrible episode of Lost.

    But here’s what I’m actually going to talk about:

    Did Angel really do an episode about female genital mutilation?

    And did they really do this so clumsily as having the women of Bai Ling’s species not be able to control their “passion” without lying speechless in a ice bath?

    And you thought “Expecting” was offensive.

    Can’t we just watch the funny dancing some more?

    48 out of 100

  2. meags says :

    So as the season goes on, it seems like this show is Buffy’s misogynistic little brother. What did I just watch? It seems like the writers thought they were writing a very pro-women, feminist episode and got it totally wrong. None of these women have any agency. They are all “controlled”, either by their own sexuality or by men. Totally still objects and not people. Even though Bai Ling’s character is supposed to be kick butt, she still needs to be rescued by Angel, AND they shame her for taking care of her fellow species. Why would she care about saving Cordy and Wesley? She’s known them 2 minutes and she didn’t ask for their help. She doesn’t even trust them yet! Apparently these ladies also have very good gaydar because none of them wanted to incinerate that guy helping at the spa, which Wikipedia tells me his name is Mars because I don’t recall them actually using a name.

    I also didn’t get the leap that Angel made that the guy was in private security from the business card. Who carries ONE business card of YOURSELF in your own wallet? Or did I miss something in that scene? And if Bai Ling hired him, shouldn’t she have mentioned that the contents inside the box will cause you to spontaneously combust from seeing it? Might be useful information, because otherwise that leaves your lady to be snatched by those dudes who basically want to perform a lobotomy on them.

    I get the hint that we are supposed to think that Angel and Bai Ling have a great attraction or whatever, but if these women can’t control their sexuality, then it just means she recognized he was male.

    The only things I enjoyed were the dancing scenes (David Boreaneaz cracks me up!) and some of the Wesley groveling/sucking up scenes. Especially when Cordy says he has made it an art. Pretty funny. But that doesn’t excuse this trainwreck. No more damsels!!

  3. Chrisart says :

    On Expecting:

    1. Wesley & an axe. Wesley falling to the ground once axe has been pulled out. Hilarious!!
    2. Dennis. The tissue & the blanket when Cordelia is crying was super sweet.

    William asked the question of if he was jealous or knew something was up? I took it as a little bit of both. I think Dennis is a good guy and is looking out of her.

    Not much more to say on this, however I do want to give my thoughts on Wesley though. I enjoyed his character on Buffy. Some of my favorite interactions were between him & Giles. When he appeared on Angel I was super dooper happy!

    I like how contrasting he is compaired to Doyle. By not casting another Doyle like character, they have moved Cordelia up to be that confidante to Angel. Thus by now making Wesley what Cordelia was in the first 9 episodes. Comic relief.
    If a character had entered as someone Angel could confide in and become close to, Wesley or even someone who we had never seen of before would have felt cheap and contrived and just like they were replacing Doyle.
    However now Cordelia has taken that spot and it was done flawlessly. It was introduced nicly as they were grieving together so naturally it would make them closer. Angel stating Cordelia as family flows with this, it seem legit.
    So as the series started off with Angel & Doyle a team, which Cordelia becomes a part of. The roles have changed to where now it’s Cordelia and Angel and Wesley becomes a part of their team. Not a replacement of Doyle.

    On a side note, I’d like to tell you guys a story. I loved the character of Wesley so much that in 2004 my husband & I adopted a little black & white kitten that we named Wesley. He became the love of my life. He was my little shadow, he slept with me (on my head or beside it!) and he never left my side. They say mans best friend is a dog, well cats are for women and this little furball was mine. In 2012 he was hit by a car and passed away at the vet hospitial in the middle of the night. I was devestated. He was more than just a cat to me. He had such a strong overpowering personatily, that when he was gone I missed and mourned his passing deeply.
    A year later on the anniversary of his passing I got his name tattooed on my hip. Small and classy.
    So yes, I have a tattoo of the name Wesley on my hip.

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