Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.11 “Sumnambulist

Forget the fridge, Angel’s drawing is so good it goes on the evidence board.

Here is the podcast covering episode eleven of season one, “Somnambulist”.

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We will be covering episode twelve of season one, “Expecting”, where Cordelia finds herself very pregnant after a one night stand.


6 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.11 “Sumnambulist”

  1. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on Expecting

    So, sex is bad and so is this episode.

    50 out of 100

    Do I really have to talk about this?

    Ok wait for it…


    The problem with any tv show using a main character as the victim of the week is the viewer knows that ultimately that character is going to escape that peril. Wait, you might argue this show just got rid of a main character a couple of weeks ago surely they might do it again.

    No, they wouldn’t. Doyle’s departure is built up from the beginning as an heroic sacrifice telegraphed from the early moments of the episode. If Cordelia were to die here what would be the lesson? Don’t have sex after the third date because you mind die in childbirth? This isn’t an after school special.

    So since we know Cordelia will come out of this okay the only drama can come from the resolution of the crisis. It has to be interesting and this isn’t.

    The episode plays it completely safe. Of course there are 5 heartbeats and the amniotic fluid is acid what else would you expect from an over night pregnancy? Wouldn’t it have been more dramatic if the doctor saw one human baby? Then maybe, just maybe the audience might believe the show could have a kid kicking around the office in a few episodes.

    And for the monster of the week. The devil?

    Okay so we’re in cliche territory then

    And the only way for that to work if they’re not going to do something new with it is to make it funny.

    And this just isn’t funny enough as hard as Boreanez, Carpenter and Denisoff are trying the material just isn’t there.

    If I have to look on the bright side I’d start there. These three really come across as a dysfunctional family who already care about each other deeply. ANGEL treating Wes as a dorky tag along kid brother who can sort of be useful rings true. As does the brotherly love Wes and Angel show Cordelia.

    To bad the episode is such nonsense.

    New score 48

  2. meags says :

    Just leaving this here…

  3. Joseph says :


    So, we get another damsel in distress. Ughh. At least Cordy didn’t solve her problems by yelling at the fake demon, but even swinging the pulley was a pretty weak effort to give her some agency after the boys saved her.

    On the other hand, I like Wesley a lot, and I can’t say why. His humor is so broad that he really belongs on Two and a Half Men. I think the saving grace is that he already has some character depth. Wesley really WANTS to fight the good fight, and as much as the damsel in distress is getting tiresome, it gave Wes a chance to show that he really will step up and do the right thing.

  4. meags says :

    So I liked the jokes in the scenes before the credits. Angel’s “I think I’m busy” during Cordy’s vision, and Wesley running back into the house swinging his axe, those I thought were pretty funny.

    Everything else was horrible. I hate that Cordy pretty much just wants to cry in bed instead of figuring out what has happened. I don’t think Ken Marino was good looking enough to come off as the type of guy that he was supposed to be. (I can’t help it, I see him as Vinnie Van Lowe in Veronica Mars or that weirdo from Party Down, Not as a love interest,) It also didn’t explain much about the how and why this demon was impregnating women through other men, but I honestly don’t want to think about it too much. Lets just put this episode behind us.

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