Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.10 “Parting Gifts”

Here is the podcast covering episode ten of season one, “Parting Gifts”.

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We will be covering episode eleven of season one, “Somnambulist”, where Angel Investigations hunt down a vampire who kills victims in a manner similar to Angelus.


8 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.10 “Parting Gifts””

  1. meags says :

    I’m finally caught up so I’m going to comment on a few past things before I get into Somnamam… the one with Jeremy Renner.

    In general, the whole “damsel of the week” shtick is getting pretty tiring. I have seen Angel all the way through once before, a couple of years ago. I hope that the damsels will end soon, but I don’t really recall. (I watched it in order, alternating Buffy’s. I think it’s truly the way it should be experienced!) The only episodes that are memorable from the 1st season to me are the bachelor party one (because its awfulness is hard to forget) and “I Will Remember You”, which is the episode that made me start to dislike the character of Angel a lot.

    Rm w/a Vu
    Angel’s random line about Cordelia’s group being called the “Cordettes” seems like rewriting history to me. I don’t recall any other mention of this. (Although apparently the friend that Cordy talks to on the phone in this episode, Aura, is the one who had the dead body fall out of her locker in the pilot for Buffy. Who knew?) I also don’t know why Angel would know that her group was called anything. Yeah, he is a stalkery kind of guy, but he was stalking Buffy. I thought it was odd that he would know this detail, and I’m assuming the writers made it up for this episode.

    I Will Remember You
    I had the same issue with this episode that Derek brought up, except it made me really angry. It is completely in line with Angel’s character because he always makes decisions for Buffy for “the greater good” blah blah. Willow even calls out Giles and Angel for it in season 2 of Buffy (Reptile Boy.) But I don’t think it really hit me until this episode. I find it hard to think they have a great love when he treats her like a child.

    Ok, so for Somnambulist (yes I had to look it up)
    This episode has an interesting idea, about delving into Angel’s past and seeing that the repercussions are still ongoing, since there are probably other Angel protege’s around. But I think it was a little weird. I kept waiting for them to give a name for Penn, and I think the episode was almost over before they finally said it.
    So, during Kate’s monologue about what kind of perp they are looking for, I didn’t understand who we were supposed to think the blonde woman was. Is she Buffy? Kate? Because she wasn’t convincing as either of those women. I don’t know what that scene was all about.
    I also don’t know how the cops could tell from far away and in the dark that the guy outside the liquor store was the same guy on the picture, and the picture also looks nothing like Jeremy Renner. They picked a really crappy artist. Even Cordelia’s grey blobby thing was better.
    I really didn’t like the montage weird thing, where it looks like Wesley and Kate are in the same book store/place/library, and there are just weird angsty shots of different characters. Bizarre. An actual scene in place of it would have been better, it felt like a time filler.
    I did like the way that Kate responded to finding out that Angel was a vampire. I felt like that was probably a decently close reaction, other than screaming and switching precincts. I like that she doesn’t trust him right away, and is scared.
    Obviously I’m not high on this episode. It was rewritten after being leaked online, apparently, and scenes that previously had Doyle in them were changed, so maybe it was slapped together. If so, it shows.

  2. Cainim Truax says :

    Quick thoughts on Somnombolist

    Wow there are so many things wrong with this episosde

    Do we really need to see Wesley threaten Angel only for the Angel to demonstrate how pointless it is?

    Why why why would Angel not give his drawing of Penn to Cordelia? Did Angel want Cordelia to have a scene where she looks foolish?

    Why force the audience to think Kate was mega special to Angel. Anyone really belIeve that?

    And why do we need a 27 minute montage of Angel Walking, Kate reading and Penn Thinking?

    And the biggest question of all? Why did I like this episode?


    1. The Angel writers have really figured out how to write teaser and tag scenes. The first scene perfectly conveys Wesley and Cordelia’s loneliness and boredom. The tag scene nicely shows that Angel trusts Cordelia intimately.
    I have no doubt she would find a way to kill Angelus should it be necessary.

    2. The framing of the confrontation in Angela’s office. Fantastic verbal sparring and use of space. Beautiful the way the light beam kept the antagonists apart.

    3. I was sad to see Penn go. That’s a sure sign something went right with the episode. Every great detective needs a Moriarity. I hope we get another one soon.

    Score 67

    • Joseph says :

      You’re doing a nice job claiming the role of board funny guy, Canim. Also insightful – I agree with all of that

      • Cainim says :

        Thanks Joseph. And I’m willing to share the title. There’s a lot to laugh at with Angel season 1. Some of it intentional.

  3. Ashlie says :

    When I first watched this episode I was like ‘look it’s Hawkeye!’. Totally random to see Jeremy Renner pop up in an episode of ‘Angel’. I like it when actors that are now famous show up on older shows before they made it big, it’s pretty cool. I like seeing Angel’s past and the flashbacks. Penn could have been a good character to play against Angel, so it was a shame to see him go. I like that Kate is the one to stake him, but she doesn’t stake Angel. It about time she finds out he is a vampire, and there goes her little crush on him. I liked the vampire on vampire fight. It was a good way to showcase the strengths and abilities that they have. Overall it’s an ok episode, but I didn’t really by in the beginning that Angel could have done it, and Penn fell a little flat.

  4. Joseph says :


    – I thought this was a solid monster of the week episode that also did a nice job moving Kate’s story line forward. Kate’s sense of betrayal when she learned what Angel really was came across well, but her anger at learning about the real monsters prowling Los Angeles is even better. I wonder if the show will go for the cliche and have it turn out that her mother was killed by a monster, one that can conveniently show up as a guest villain?

    – I liked the profiler scene where Kate basically describes Angel. That was the one moment in the episode where I thought, “wait a minute, maybe Angel is killing these guys.”

    – Penn was a good MOTW. I was much more interested in him than in most of the others, and I liked that Angel made fun of his hackneyed serial killer routine.

    – I thought the Angel/Kate scenes were all very effective. Wes and Cordy were pretty good when they thought maybe Angel was a killer, but sort of boring after that.

    – Mythology question: Whenever she’s in town, does Angel have dreams from Drusilla’s point of view? That could get pretty disturbing.

    – Random plot quibbling: Wes believes the kill methods are unique to Angel, and if I recall directly, Giles told us back in the day that Angelus fell off the radar after Romania. So who do the Watchers think did all those copycat killings over the years in LA and Boston? Are they just that incompetent? Well, I guess I can believe that. 67/100

    Parting Gifts:

    – I basically agree with you guys on this episode. Evil Doyle did a good job expositing everyone’s feelings and reminding us of Doyle, and Angel got to punch a lot of people and Wesley fell down a lot, so that was OK. And Wesley looks like he might be more useful on the research end than anyone else.

    – I totally agree that Alexis Denisof has a nice touch with physical comedy. The best example was the scene where his foot slips off the bed – it should be dumb, but he makes it funny.

    – In my opinion, the quadruple reverse was at least two too many. Evil Doyle is harmless! No, he’s evil! No, he’s not! Yes, he is! Come on, writers, think up something interesting. If you absolutely need to do that, give ED an evil twin or a dark spirit possessing him or a parasitic infection or something the second time around.

    – Another mythology observation: Maybe the writers are assuming that demons with recent human ancestry, like Doyle or the demon refugees, can be good, but that “regular demons” are still always evil. Demons like Richard or Evil Doyle start out sort of banal and not overtly threatening, but if they feel like eating brains or scooping eyes and think they can get away with it, they will go for it. (This still doesn’t explain why Richard’s cousins think they can get away with dumping bodies outside his restaurant, but you can’t have everything.) Maybe that’s as good as demons can get in the Angelverse.

  5. samrocks1984 says :

    Did anyone just about piss their pants with laughter when you saw wes in the full leather get up seriously the look on angels face i honestly thought he would lose it haha. Also for somni wtf it was um that was not the best yeah we got some backstory but there are alot of inconsistancies i dont know wether i like it or hate it though i love jeremy renner as hawkeye he looks soo funny here haha

  6. chrisart says :

    One Word: WESLEY!!!

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