Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.09 “Hero”

Here is the podcast covering episode nine of season one, “Hero”.

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We will be covering episode ten of season one, “Parting Gifts”, where Angel and Cordelia run into a rogue demon hunter.


6 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.09 “Hero””

  1. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on Parting Gifts

    It’s odd usually I have more to say about an episode. This just felt like comfort food. 3 characters we know and are comfortable with, hanging out, kissing each other and having a silly little adventure. I seem to recall some kind of demon that was in danger then he wasn’t then he was in danger but bad and wanted Cordelia or her eyes.

    HI Wesley nice to see you. I think Cordelia made a good joke about rogue demons but it’s fading so fast.

    It’s almost gone I barely remember watching something. well I didn’t feel worse afterwords. I want eggs.


  2. samrocks1984 says :

    All I can say about this ep is lame haha seriously the last time we saw Wes was after he got knocked to the ground at graduation day and him whining very unmanly and now we are supposed to believe he’s grown a pair of balls and is a “rogue demon hunter” seriously? Completely lame. Now excuse me if I forget it and get on with decorating for my daughters ” frozen” birthday party

  3. Ashlie says :

    The return of Wesley! After two really good emotional episodes we get this forgettable one. I do like Wesley coming in and trying to be this tough rogue demon hunter, but turns out he’s really the same bumbling Wesley we remember. The twist of Barney being the demon Wesley is hunting was lame and kind of saw it coming. The only reason I remember this episode is because I rewatched season 1 a few months ago otherwise, it’s pretty mediocre. The only good things are Wesley and now Cordelia has the visions, which is going to give her character more to do and make her critical to the team.

    • samrocks1984 says :

      Yeah I was waiting for her to get them I was thinking that maybe the ptb were stewing with her life because this is the path she was supposed to be on. What does everyone else think? I mean if you reference back to buffy…she was a scoobie though she faught it to start she was ingrained in the group she helped. Her breakup with Xander had to be in such a way that there would never be a reconciliation which kind of ousted her from the group so she changed focus to getting out of sunnydale and going to college only for the opportunity to go up in smoke because of her fathers choices? So she was stuck not knowing what to do only to ” decide” to go to LA to chase a dream of acting only for that to go to crap and meet up with angel and Doyle and when she fell for Doyle and then he “transferred ” the visions to her. So is her character arc one of convenience for the writers or was her life predestined so that she could make an impact as the ptb needed her to now be angels guide for what was to come?

  4. Chrisart says :

    I enjoyed this, I def found it pulled at the heart strings.
    Very similar to the previous ep where it comes full circle, starting with the commercial & ending with the commercial, like how in IWRY had the clocks and time throughout that ep, this one has hero & sacrifice throughout.

    Just a note on the “bomb” they state it’s only things that have human blood running through their veins that will die. That is why Angel doesn’t die in the room with the Captin’s second.

    It’s sad to say goodbye to Doyle. He was a loveable & enjoyable character. I shed a tear.

    From the biography of Joss Whedon, Geek King Of The Universe:

    One way the producers shook up the series’ inital status quo was when they decided that the major character Doyle, would be killed off in the ninth episode. Joss had always wanted to kill off a main character early in a series, the way he’d introduced Xander & Willow’s friend Jesse in the first episode of Buffy only to turn him into a vampire and stake him in the second. But here they had another motive: Quinn had a stubstance abuse problem, which was starting to distrpt production. The produces spoke with him about it, informing him that if he didn’t get it under control, he would be fired. Quinn was “terrific but troubled, and we had to let him go,” Greenwalt says. “It was a really sad turn of events.” They hoped that the firing would force the actor to find help for his addiction, but sadly, he would die from an accidental herion overdose in Dec 2002.

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