William’s Review 1.08 “I Will Remember You”

The Good

This episode was fantastic. It was nice to finally see Buffy who they’ve been referencing for the first seven episodes.

I think they really sold this relationship in what little time they had on screen. David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar had excellent chemistry together and I was completely won over during my viewing of the episode. Their scene in the sewer really helped sell the history between the two of them as well as the sexual tension. I thought the “Tea and Crackers” scene was good in again illustrating the love these two character share with each other. What really had a surprising effect on me in the episode was just the two of them in bed post cotial. Seeing Angel, a character known for his brooding, incredibly happy was a really striking image. It just made you completely understand why Buffy is the love of his life and made the heartbreaking conclusion all the more resonate.

Another moment that really stuck with me in this episode was right after the second fight with the Morah demon the way Buffy holds a broken Angel. It was again a very striking image and I loved getting that role reversal. Also the line “Shh, you’re all right. And it’s over.  And we’re together.” was just heartbreaking in its delivery. I loved the scene afterwards once Angel goes to see the Oracles again. He instantly gives up his humanity the moment it means any harm to Buffy. It was another self-sacrificing and heroic moment for Angel. He also explains it well to Buffy in the following scene when he “How can we be together if the cost is your life, or the lives of others?”

The use of imagery was really nice in this episode. Throughout the episode they used the image of clocks and there was a certain feeling of doom to this relationship. The feeling you get of a ticking clock helped add the scenes of inevitability that this relationship could not last. I also really love the shot once Angel starts questioning what’s happening to him (once he’s human) where he stares at himself in the mirror. He hasn’t looked at himself in Two hundred some odd years and it was just something small that really stuck with me and a great job of acting from our lead.

I thought the Oracles where an interesting medium for “The Powers that Be.” I liked getting something a little less vague and am interested to see how their inclusion changes the story. Also something again small but when Doyle is doing the spell to allow Angel access he use whatever ingredients and then lights it with a bic lighter. It was something small, but gave a sense of realism to an otherwise goofy looking scene.

The Bad

Nothing specifically bothered me, but…

There was a certain level of cheese to this. Both with some of the dialogue (“I feel you – inside”) and with the design (The Oracles). I myself bought into the relationship and story. If you didn’t then I could see a lot of little things bothering you along the way.

I think it just hinges on whether you buy the relationship or not.

The Unknown

I can’t separate my prior knowledge from Buffy the show. I imagine most of the audience is already Buffy fans, but for those few people I wonder how this episode comes across. Do they buy this relationship? I also wonder if this is really an Angel episode, we spend a great deal of time focused entirely on Buffy. I realize it’s a cross over episode, but It felt like Angel was over shadowed for a good chunk of the first two thirds of this.

Why was Cordelia SO harsh in this episode? Seems like a bit of a regression for her character. This may just be because she has beef with Buffy or perhaps the writers just wanted Buffy to appear in a better light.

Angel on more than one occasion makes decisions that affect both him and Buffy without consulting her. We open to him coming back from Sunnydale without consulting her, his decision to fight the Morah “alone”, and then the decision to become a Vampire again. I think all of these decisions fit his character and are the right calls, however there is a bit of a selfish nature to them. I think the majority of it just stems from Angel’s overprotective nature of Buffy, but it was just something interesting to think about.

The Morah demon states there was a “great darkness coming.” Is this a hint of something immediate or something longer?

Favorite Moment

The one minute scene was dramatic and powerful. Both actors really stepped it up and I felt all the heart breaking emotion with them. It was both tragic and heroic and really harkened back to the end of In the Dark, but with a greater sense of consequence. It was able to rouse up all of my emotions and even produce a single tear from me.

Bottom Line

This was really fantastic! Only 8 episodes in and we are getting treated to a quality episode. I’m glad I was able to engage with this on an emotional level.

Score: 81 out of 100


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