Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.08 “I Will Remember You”

Here is the podcast covering episode eight of season one, “I Will Remember You”.

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We will be covering episode nine of season one, “Hero”, where Doyle confronts a organization of demons from his past.


9 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.08 “I Will Remember You””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    I got quite emotional at Doyle’s self sacrifice. Though I’m not sure we needed the demons to be dressed in Nazi uniforms and making “heil” gestures. We got the message 🙂 I’d be interested to know what you guys think would have happened if Doyle hadn’t left the show. Most shows wouldn’t have 2 characters already ready to date half way through the season. Usually things are more dragged out. Would Doyle and Cordelia have become a couple?

    • samrocks1984 says :

      I can’t remember if Glenn Quinn left because of an addiction problem or he passed away and that’s why he was written out. I think the fact that they have bothe been single for quite a while as you know from their back stories made it easier. I think they would have been a couple

      • samrocks1984 says :

        I gave this some serious thought last night. If he didn’t leave/die. I would have said yes they would have got together but why would that be ok when they belong to the “fighting the good fight” world they may not be as strong or inhuman as in angel and Buffy’s case but they are doing the same as them so why would that be fair that they got to have their cake and eat it too? I think in the buffy/ angelverse they allow the characters to have relationships for the growth of the character up to a point when the relationship dosnt do what it was designed for in the first place then something always inevitably happens to sever the partnership. So they may have gotten them together in the end they would have deprecated them somehow. We have 7 years of buffy and so many of angel to prove if your fighting the good fight personal relationships don’t last

      • samrocks1984 says :

        Seperated… My god someone needs to shoot the person who invented auto correct grr

  2. samrocks1984 says :

    Ok just got done with this episode and finally able to compose myself enough to comment. I love that Doyle and angel had their heart to heart though angel is hurting that he gave up the one thing he wanted in the long run it was the right choice the ptb need every warrior they can get with the new bad or perhaps apocalypse coming. I also like that Doyle defends angel as a true hero in every sense of the word.

    The scourge were the writers trying to compare them to nazi germany or the Japanese kamikaze? I can understand why these people are terrified, there is nothing scarier than a force that believes that what they are doing or what they believe in is right that they won’t hesitate to die for the cause. Seriously though dressing them like nazis gah.

    God the goodbye I was already tearing up when angel was going to sacrifice himself the look on his face the pain the hurt that he couldn’t say goodbye to buffy one last time. But it was worse when Cordy and angel realised that Doyle was going to sacrifice himself quoting angels” you never know until you have been tested” line and that they couldn’t do anything to stop him even if the could. I think Doyle knew in that last moment it had to be him, he knew angel was meant for bigger things and needed for what was to come so he made the sacrifice to save them all. I’m really heartbroken I didn’t think I could cry as much as I did last week.

    All that being said R.I.P Glenn Quinn you were gone too soon

    • samrocks1984 says :

      I forgot to add that perhaps Doyle also felt horrible that he sat back and did nothing the first time when some of his brethren asked for his help that this was his chance to make up for the mistakes that he made in the past

  3. Ashlie says :

    So the problem with Angel is that it takes place in the same universe as Buffy. And on Buffy, it is explained that all demons that walk the Earth are human hybrids and that pure demons are bigger and probably not humanoid looking. So if those are the rules then why are these ‘pure’ demons not hybrids. They clearly look humanoid, hands, feet, nose, mouth and ears. They state that vampires are the lowest of the demon hybrids, does that mean there are varying degrees of humanity between different demon species? This is something that comes up in a later episode that I recently watched so I’ll probably mention it again then. But the one thing that I like about the Angel show as opposed to Buffy is that it explores demonology a little bit more. I like that this episode follows up right from the last one and we see Angel dealing with his memories of his lost day with Buffy. Doyle states it well saying that Angel is a true hero and that most people wouldn’t give up that kind of happiness. I like the idea of Angel infiltrating the pseudo Nazi demon cult. Off topic but I like Angel’s hair like that, I think he looks cute, even though he’s in vamp face. So Cordelia finally finds out Doyle is a demon and she doesn’t care. She still want’s to go out with him. It makes it that much sadder when he has to sacrifice himself and I like that he says the same thing that Angel told him earlier and he finally understands what it means. It’s a very emotional ending and I’m going to miss Doyle.

  4. Joseph says :


    Well, goodbye Doyle – I ended up liking you a lot better or rewatch than I remembered from first viewing, and that video bit was nicely done.

    The rest of this episode was kind of dumb, though. So the Nazi demons have a bomb that only kills people who are at least part human and has a quarter mile range, but instead of setting it off on say, the deck, they lower it into the ship to give Doyle and Angel a fair chance to disarm it? And where did all the Nazi demons go? Are they just waiting on the deck of the ship?

    On the other hand, I’m actually kind of glad that Glenn Quinn got a goodbye episode – joss strongly prefers killing characters unexpectedly, but all the build-up on this one felt right, even if it is out of character for the writers.

  5. Chrisart says :

    OK this is my ALL TIME fav ep of the Whedonverse! It’s memorable. It’s beyond fantastic.This is the number 1 ep that I will watch without fail when I need a Buffy fix, & yet it’s on Angel.
    When Buffy first aired everyone knew not to call me on those nights. There was silence for an hour in my household. That then turned to two hours once Angel started airing straight after Buffy.
    When this ep aired, for 2 hours afterwards my phone did not stop ringing. My near and dearest knew that this was it. This was the pinnacle of all time! No jokes! As a massive Buffy & Angel fan, this was for me.
    I am the fan who needed to have those few mins in Chosen of Buffy where we have the “cookie dough” analogy. The Prom. Becomings. These are the ones for me. & of course my 2nd fav ep of all time, Amends. (Sorry Robin & Cordy but you will never get away from it. HAHA)

    SMG is so beautiful. The kiss in the sunlight gives me goosebumps. Is it dramatic? Yes! Is it over the top? Hell yes! Do I care? Nope! The effect they wanted to achieve was delivered. I felt it & I was jumping up & down with happieness.
    The scene in the bedroom is beyond lovely, it’s perfect. 😉 To see them both happy & carefree is what I had waited for. Especially Angel.

    Fav moment:
    From the moment Angel comes down the stairs to the moment Buffy says she’ll never forget in his arms. The whole scene has me in tears. I’m an absolute mess! My heart is breaking and I feel every tear.

    Oh & the music theme is Close Your Eyes by Christopher Beck.

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