William’s Review 1.07 “The Bachelor Party”

The Good

The first chunk of the episode was fine. I liked exploring Cordelia’s change in character. She no longer has the same tastes in men as her old vapid self. As she says she now needs a guy to have “substance.” Her referencing Xander was a nice touch for Buffy fans, and I do like the developing interest between Doyle and Cordelia.

Okay so the bits of Doyle that I liked were the revelation that he is a stronger fighter when in demon form. It gives us a subtle insight on the character. That he has a certain level of self-loathing. The scene where he saves Cordelia was also nice. Seeing him struggle and then save the day worked.

The Bad

This majority of this did not work for me. I started having problems once they did the melodramatic tv cliché of Harry saying “I’m his wife.” DUN DUN DUNNN. That moment bothered me but I kept chugging along. Once Richard showed up that was a different story altogether. We then spent the rest of the episode following this guy. I really wanted the focus of the episode to be Doyle, but instead we got this trite “comedic” story. I thought there were jokes I should laugh at, but felt nothing. Hey we’re going to eat his brain with a shrimp fork. Hey he’s wearing a lobster bib. Nothing. I just felt blah about the whole episode. Beats either felt cliché or tired and I didn’t laugh through the whole episode.

The Unknown

I know Doyle coming to Cordelia’s rescue was to service the plot, but why didn’t Angel show up when Cordelia was screaming for help at the beginning of the episode. I think I just would have preferred if they weren’t in front of Angel Investigations for the scene. It bugged me a little, but I don’t hold it against the episode.

This episode started to play with our expectations on whether demon’s are good guys or bad guys. Yes we have Angel and Doyle, but they don’t necessarily count with Angel having a soul and Doyle being half human. It would have been interesting if Richard had in fact been the “nice guy” all along. As it is demons continue to be up to something every time.

Favorite Moment

The moment I decided to go with was when Angel and Doyle first talk after Harry shows up. I did like getting exposition about Doyle’s past. This scene was simple in delivery and I thought Glenn Quinn did a good job articulating the scene. Also Angel and Doyle’s chemistry worked in the scene.

Bottom Line

I didn’t like this. I was intrigued to get Doyle’s past explored and excited to have another character focus episode, that is until they abandoned it to tell the rest of the story.

Score: 43 out of 100


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