Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.07 “The Bachelor Party”

Here is the podcast covering episode seven of season one, “The Bachelor Party”.

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We will be covering episode eight of season one, “I Will Remember You”, where Buffy comes to Sunnydale. Leave your feedback before Thursday July 31, to ensure being on the podcast.


10 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.07 “The Bachelor Party””

  1. samrocks1984 says :

    Yeah I’m back finally. So here comes hurricane buffy, finally after all the name dropping the resident slayer makes her appearance. I don’t understand why angel just didn’t flat out tell her why he was there to begin with obviously if Doyle was sent a vision by the ptb then he couldn’t ignore it even if it was buffy it was obviously important that she live why not explain that first before looking like a total tool and just staring while she has a go at you.

    And seriously ten seconds in he starts realising the implications of his new mortality, that he can be a normal human man and have buffy the own thing he truly wants but there is always a price to pay in the buffy/angelverse

    Buffy just accepts it dosnt question why and what the consequences are she dosnt care she’s ready to jump all in again and while angel has some pitiful reservations to start with he completely drops them after he and buffy get it on. As much as he loves her I find it hard that he would do that perhaps they should have stuck to the logic.

    I like that angel realises that he can’t have his cake and eat it too. He will always be the martyr in their relationship he dosnt want buffy to sacrifice herself for him but he feels its ok for him to do it for her. That’s not an equal partnership. Unless your truly equal a relationship will never work. He sacrifices his own happiness and love for buffy to survive, though I think he prob would do it just to give her one more day. Fate keeps throwing these two together even the mohra demon states “together you were powerful, alone you are dead” but they can never truly be together. Angel needs a purpose he needs to continue on with his redemption and buffy has to continue on with the slaying and I like that he is able to get that through to buffy in the end before time is reversed that he can’t sacrifice her or others just to be together that’s not who he is and not who they are.

    Ominous much ” end of days has begun” can’t wait to see what pans out with that one.

    Omg could Cordy be any more self centred all she’s worried about is how angels newfound humanity is going to affect HER life I mean can you not be happy just a little while for your friend that he has gained something he wanted?

    Few smaller points…you only just realised now that your desk was uneven Angel? And omg they must have been having some seriously Hawt crazy monkey sex did you see the apartment in the background when Doyle comes to get angel, the kitchen table is destroyed there is crap everywhere hahaha. Fave moment when angel starts eating all the food omg hilarious.

    This was one of my favourite episodes of angel when I watched the series the first time and I still love it there might be a lot of cheesy crap but I just enjoy it for what it meant to me when I was a teenager and ep of seeing my fave characters buffy and angel together again I would take it anyway I could get it.

  2. samrocks1984 says :

    Oh I forgot your singing of let it go was awesome can you do the whole song haha

    • samrocks1984 says :

      My 6 yo daughter will join you. In her class the teacher plays disney tunes whilst they work so I was across the room doing my parent helping and that song came on omg the shame when she just started belting it out in class off key haha

  3. Cainim says :

    A few quick comments on “I will Remember You as I prepare to move from Seattle to North Dakota next week.

    I really enjoyed this episode back when it was called Superman II.

    I kid.

    This episode only works if you believe that Angel and Buffy have “The EPIC LOVE OF ALL TIME”. If you do it’s a fantastic tragic romance that solidifies the stakes for Angel in this world: He fights evil because he can and somebody has to. It’s a whole power and responsibility thing. Not new but that might work as a motivation for a hero. It sounds familiar…

    If you don’t buy the “Luv Story” then this is purplish prose and 50 shades of nonsense.

    I gave myself over to the romance(although it was cheesier than I remember) and went with it, so the episode did charm me.

    2 Last things:

    This was a nice exercise in world building. The Oracles put us in a bigger and different world than we have seen so far We’re in the land of Heroic Myth now which fits this show well.

    Cordelia filled the Greek Chorus roll well.

    Here’s where I regret giving Room w/ a Vu such a high score. I bump that one down to 75 and “I will Remember You” gets an 81

    • samrocks1984 says :

      When I was a teenager I agree u believed they had this epic tragic romance and I was plain pissed they couldn’t be together. Then I got even more pissed that they kept giving them a way or a future possibility that would allow it eventually and that never happened. But now I just look past it mostly why put all this hope into something that will never happen sure I love them together and love crossover eps so I just take it for that. It’s epically cheesy and omg the whispery voices so lame it was funny haha but I still love it.

      Though now I just realised some shizz the mohra demon mentioned end of days right wouldn’t that be important for buffy to remember aswell to prepare I mean she is the damn slayer she’s the first one needed for a looming apocalypse I know angel didn’t tell her this ep but did he ever bring it up to her? Sent one of his flunkies to do it? And as I can’t clearly remember the later series of buffy did she ever remember? Cos why throw those lines out there so “powerfully” if she wasn’t going to y hint that it meant something”

      Gah I’m looking to far into it and now I’m getting confused and annoyed. Bugger it I love this ep and can watch it as a stand alone ep I totally give it 85

  4. Ashlie says :

    I love this episode! I’m a big Buffy and Angel fan. So I love that we get this episode, it’s a what if scenario. So was Buffy really in LA visiting her dad? Because on Buffy the show we know that she and her dad are estranged, so does this mean that she does see him off screen that we don’t know about. Did she visit her dad as an excuse to go see Angel or did she lie to Angel and just said that she was visiting her dad. Always bugged me.

    Anyways,the scene in the sewer was nice. I like how Angel questions why Buffy brought a stake, and her answer of ‘because I know how to use it’. I wonder what else Buffy can do with a stake besides stake vampires. The conversation they have is reminiscent of the one they had on Buffy in ‘The Prom’.

    Yay Angel’s human! I do like that Buffy admits that she has thought about this day before. Naked Angel is always a plus. I like that they just lay in bed naked and eat junk food. Cordelia and Buffy interact just like they did on Buffy the show, and it doesn’t go well with the new direction they are trying to take Cordelia. She’s back to being self involved and only concerned about how this affects her. I like the conversation that Angel and Buffy have when he tells her it’s all going to be gone and she won’t remember. It’s very emotional and makes me wanna cry for them. Angel gives up being human to save Buffy’s life but I think Buffy had a point when she says that there is always going to be something after her and Angel can’t stop that. Of course knowing what happens on Buffy, we know that it doesn’t make a difference whether Angel is human or not and the Oracles are right that Buffy will die whether it’s sooner or later and Angel can’t stop it.

    I think that this is a great moment that shows us what a true hero Angel is. He gives up the one thing that he has always wanted, his true happiness, in order to save people’s lives and fight for the world. I feel really bad that Buffy doesn’t get to remember and of course it’st just another burden for Angel to bear like he doesn’t have enough already. I’m really glad that we got this episode because I get my sort of happy ending with Buffy and Angel, but it also shows us once and for all that even if they could be together they still can’t and it’s time they both moved on. Great episode, one of the best of the series and one of the highlights of this season.

    • samrocks1984 says :

      I always thought that it was just an excuse she gave angel as to why she popped in I don’t think she really did see her dad. You would also think after 4 years of slaying she would be adept with using other weapons haha. I agree with the cordy thing you can’t make her have character growth in previous eps just for her to do an about face just cos buffy is involved in the situ. I know , buffy is right there will always be something you could argue that she isn’t going to live a long life she may aswell enjoy it while she has it because the slaying will eventually kill her it might not be today/ tomorrow/ years from now but eventually she will get older slower and she will die and he can’t change that he can give. Her a little more time but it’s inevitable and he can’t change that fact . I wouldn’t call it heroic though him trading his mortality and happiness though in regards to buffy, he’s playing the martyr for everyone else that’s heroic. Well he does well with carrying burdens dosnt he , yet I feel some of that stuff was important for buffy to remember.

      • Ashlie says :

        That’s what I thought, but then it seems like a long drive just to pop in to Angels office for 5 minutes. She probably drove to see Angel base on her reaction at the end of ‘Pangs’ and then seeing her father was an after thought like ‘well I might as well since I’m already here’ type of thing. Yea, I agree, I wish Buffy remembered some of it and I don’t think Angel ever tells her, which is a shame. It might have changed her ‘cookie dough’ speech in ‘Chosen’.

  5. samrocks1984 says :

    I know right I was hoping for just one last kids in case it was the end for her gah haha. See I only have vague recollections of season 6 and 7 as I’ve only watched them eps once like over 10 years ago but that final conversation stood out to me. I figured if she was pissed off enough if wouldn’t matter how far away it was she would still go to tell at him haha.

  6. samrocks1984 says :

    Don’t you just hate damn auto correct grrrr

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