Derek’s Review 1.06 “Sense and Sensitivity”

The Good:

I doubt the world was clamoring for Kate’s backstory or explanation of why she is such a socially stunted, awkward person but this was as good as that story could have been. Daddy issues are not exactly new the television landscape but from the moment we met Det. Lockley it was clear how we arrived to present day Kate. It’s not just the fact that she seems to be the only female cop in the precinct but this heavy relationship with her father that makes her so guarded. This episode did a lot more to draw me to Kate then the previous three where she appeared.

While this is Kate’s story the attraction here is the humor caused by the curse. This is by far the funniest episode of Angel thus far and cleverly written. The reason the curse worked so well was not just because it got Kate and Angel to play outside of their comfort zones. The real genius of the curse was that Angel and Kate were still themselves just hyper-sensitive. They knew something was wrong but were unable to control themselves which led to comedic gold.

The other real positive to the curse was the way the humor was balanced with real threat. Given the series recent violence of men towards women we probably didn’t need Kate being confronted by an unrequited coworker on his emotional edge but it did serve a purpose. Intense sensitivity and emotionality is a very dangerous thing especially for police officers. For every funny line or scene we had one dealing with the consequences of what was happening.

The Bad:

Kate’s speech at the party was extremely well-acted and even well written; with information pouring out slowly at first then at a flood. However it felt like it went on a bit too long. The goal of the scene is to make you uncomfortable obviously but it needed to end right before Kate went into talking about her best friend’s mother. At a certain point the speech felt like self-indulgent melodrama and not engaging television. It’s shame because it is obviously meant to be one of the emotional climaxes of the episode and it could have been if it were just a bit more economical.

The Unknown:

It makes perfect sense that the police would not immediately think “Hey maybe that guy cursed us all with his talking stick!” But it just draws attention to Kate becoming this pseudo member of Angel Investigations and not even suspecting something is up. If they don’t want to make Kate the fourth member of Angel Investigations in all but job title that’s fine but at least start to hint that she suspects something. Weird stuff keeps happening around Angel and she’s obviously good at her job. Do it.

Wolfram and Hart’s interest in Angel is not exactly new. The firm was notified that there was someone new in town when Angel kicked a vampire out the window. So the question becomes when will they step out of the shadows like Angel himself is so fond of doing?

Favorite Moment:

Det. Lockley scolding Kate at the end was a fantastic way to end the episode. It played with the audience and Kate’s emotions excepting a big reunion only to end it the most logical way. It would have rang false if Kate’s dad finally understood what he has been doing his daughter all these years. It’s a much more powerful ending to have blame her and push it down like everything else in his life.

The Bottom Line:

A terrifically funny episode that mostly brought the tension and drama when it needed to except for one big moment.

70 out of 100


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