Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.06 “Sense and Sensitivity”


Here is the podcast covering episode six of season one, “Sense and Sensitivity”.

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We will be covering episode seven of season one, “Bachelor Party”, where Doyle gets a surprise visitor from his past.


7 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.06 “Sense and Sensitivity””

  1. Cainim says :

    Hey guys! Great podcast as always. Thanks for indulging me and performing my mini-play. Here’s why I’m not as high on this episode as everyone else:

    1. The stick’s power is inconsistent. When we see its impact on Kate it really seems to be allowing her to say what she really feels without an emotional filter. This I buy and it works. And its effect on Angel is funny. What I don’t buy is the cop that says he doesn’t think it’s right that the bad guys are locked up. Not for one second do I believe that a cop would really feel this way. That means that any of the emotional revelations are now suspect. That could includes Kate’s and only her father’s believable(but jerky) response validates it. If the stick made people over-emotional, fine. If the stick reveals the character’s true feelings(like BTVS “Once More with feeling”) then fine. Having it do both just seems like lazy writing.

    2. The humor. There are really funny bits in this. “Pain-bow” is great and Cordelia, Kate and Angel get great funny lines. My problem is with the tone. The real world threat stuff takes me out of the humor. When the cop who frees the bad guys is attacked I don’t think Ha! I think “That’s horrible.” Same when the guy is shot and we cut to the window breaking. I find this jarring. The threat of emotional cops and escaped bad guys can be implicit not explicit. If the bad guys had just knocked out either cop(Say Giles style) I would have far less issue with the episode.

    3)This episode’s resolution has a great reputation and I remember it being praised in fan circles years back for avoiding the “hug it out” ending. I agree, that ending would have been horrible. I think my wanting more development for Kate’s Character was fueled by backlash against this praise. I think I expected too much years after watching this episode the last time.

    So in point 3 I was wrong and you both have convinced me. This was back story for Kate not meant to develop her.

    I still feel points 1. and 2 though but I get what you guys are saying but this episode just wasn’t for me.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    Hey guys, I’m 10 mins in again. Isn’t that the guy who was sending lost LA teens to the underworld in “Anne”? Don’t trust him Doyle’s wife!

    • Joseph says :

      Ha! This works pretty well – Robin should start a podcast where he reviews the first 10 minutes of various shows.

  3. Ashlie says :

    I like that we get more back story to Doyle and start to explore his character more. It’s nice to see more complexity to his emotions and not just being the comedic relief. The twist at the end I thought was odd. I don’t believe that Richard would think his fiance would be ok with him eating her ex husbands brains. I’m sure he wasn’t going to tell her, but at some point she would have found out and not been pleased. He should have known better, especially since it turned out to not be a big deal.

  4. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on “Bachelor Party”.

    I was a child geek in the 80’s and a teenage dork in the early 90’s, before the geeks conquered the earth, and I was ashamed of it. I was afraid to embrace my nerdatude. I would read my comics wrapped in issues of Rolling Stone and my Doctor Who and Star Trek novels in the dark turned away from judging eyes.

    So not the perfect analogy but I did relate to where Doyle was coming from. It can be difficult to seize the best of life when you can not accept part of who you are. I got there eventually(and life got better) and while Doyle didn’t quite fully accept his demon side, when he signed the divorce papers he showed that he was willing to accept that his self-loathing was to blame for his failures with Harry.

    It’s too bad the episode didn’t end there.

    Here’s the sigh….

    The twist was harmless I suppose. Sloppy writing when the same character expresses surprise that Doyle would be invited to the party and a couple lines later mentions eating Doyle’s brain. Wouldn’t inviting Doyle to the party have been part of the plan from the beginning?

    The final 15 minutes were just kind of silly blah.

    Random good stuff:

    A vision with a guy in distress! That was refreshing.

    Angel, Cordelia and Doyle come across as believable friends now, these people really seem to care about each other.

    The humor worked for me, different than last week, purely because this episode never drifted into reality.

    The rest of this was just sort of there. I din’t hate the resolution, didn’t love it.

    Still there was enough here for me to like and I did appreciate some Doyle backstory.

    So that’s 2 good episodes and one meh when the writers focus on a member of the main cast. That’s a good sign. And it looks like, from the closing scene, that next week we will get an Angel-centric story to complete the quartet. Perhaps the show has found its voice.

    Score 65

  5. Joseph says :

    I remembered this being basically a silly, fun episode, but I was surprised on rewatch by some of the emotional depth. I thought Glenn Quinn did a very nice job in the scene where we first meet Harry, and it’s good to learn a little more of Doyle’s backstory.

    Also, I am sort of starting to believe that Dordy (ha!) might be a thing – Cordy calling out her relationship with Xander was nice.

    At last we’ve seen “door that gets kicked in by angry vampface Angel!” I think there is only one more unknown scene from the opening – “woman in skimpy top getting into convertible.” I hope we get an episode devoted to her – maybe Angel has to save her from a haunted skimpy top, or even a haunted convertible.

    Overall, I liked this one, although I thought the silly bits and the serious ones didn’t mesh as well as they could have. 64/100.

    A few final observations:

    – If I was watching this in real time, the idea that Angel was going to do a Buffy cross-over next week would have been a great, exciting way to end the episode.

    – If I recall correctly, this leads to the Chumash ghost episode on Buffy, where Anya gets a great line along the lines of “This is the GOOD Angel? What’s he like when he’s evil?”

    • Joseph says :

      Ps -‘I just assumed that Pierce was going to try to eat Cordy or sacrifice her to a money god or something. It was refreshing to have him merely be boring.

      That said, I thought Pierce’s dialogue was implausible and probably an homage to an old Steve Martin routine about impressing women by telling them about his investments in cardboard.

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