Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.05 “Rm w/a Vu”

Here is the podcast covering episode five of season one, “Rm w/a Vu”.

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We will be covering episode six of season one, “Sense and Sensitivity”, where Kate invites Angel out to a police social function.


7 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.05 “Rm w/a Vu””

  1. Joseph says :

    Loved the podcast as always. A couple more comments on Room with a Vu.

    – I give Doyle a pass on his reaction to CorGel (sorry, I couldn’t resist the name!). IMHO, it’s fair to hope your friends won’t date people they know you have a serious crush on, at least not without a very good reason. And Cordy hasn’t actually said no, so I read Doyle’s “wearing her down” line as saying “hey, it takes a while to grow attracted to someone like me, at best, so pretty much no one is ever going to date me if they have a choice of Angel. IMHO, the difference between entitled-friendzoned-dbag and ugly-duckling-living-in-hope is whether Doule is willing to take no for an answer.

    • samrocks1984 says :

      Yeah but the sad thing is look at his life he’s being hunted down by debtors that want to kill him is it fair to put cordy at risk without completely coming clean about everything including his half demon side. Though way to have faith in your buddy Doyle haha

  2. Cainim says :

    Angel Writer #1 “Well, that seemed better. What do we do next?”

    Angel Writer #2 “People seem to like it when we focus on Angel, Cordy and Doyle.”

    Angel Writer #1 “Nonsense. Our audience likes variety and pastiches of other shows.”

    Angel Writer #2 “I don’t know…people would probably like to find out more about Doyle’s past”

    AW1 “Wrong, people love mobsters, like that show on HBO about the guy with the ducks”

    AW2 “Mobsters, huh. But our show is one about heroes.”

    AW1 “Fine we’ll throw in a Law and Order thing. We’ve already got a cop. And Let’s make the Law part eeevil.”

    AW2 “The show is about Angel”

    AW1 “Then let’s give Kate Daddy issues and have Angel help her work through them. Gotta keep the woman in distress fans happy.”

    AW2 “I see, so we have Angel help Kate find a mobster. Don’t we need something supernatural?”

    AW1 “Yeah, fine. Let’s throw in a therapist with a magic stick that makes people’s sensitive side come out. People hate those therapist guys.”

    AW2 “Don’t you see a therapist?”

    AW1 “Done me a world of good. No let’s see this see could get a little heavy. We need comedy. Let’s have all of the cops start acting sill with sensitivity.”

    AW2 “So, the stick thing does it bring out true feelings, cause we could use that to develop Kate, or does it just make people act silly?”

    AW1 “Who cares! This is a show about a vampire with a soul. You think the fans watch it because it makes sense?”

    AW2 “I guess not.”

    AW1 “You’re, right not. And we need more humor. Let’s have the heroes struggle to throw a rock through a window right after the mobster escapes and shoots a man.”

    AW2 “That’s not funny.”

    AW1 “Sorry, missed that. Too busy thinking. I’m full of ideas.

    AW2(Sigh) “So how do we end this?

    AW1 “Well….the spell just wears off. And oh! We need a twist.”

    AW2 “A twist.”

    AW1 “Yeah, let’s have Kate’s father still reject her after she bares her soul.”

    AW2 “That could be good. Then we could have Kate realize that her catharsis was still a good thing because she can only control herself and how she feels and not her father. She can realize she’s a grown up and doesn’t need his approval any more.”

    AW1 “That’s crap. We don’t want character growth. Remember we want this show cancelled so we can go write for one of them CSI shows.”

    Score 53

    • Joseph says :

      You didn’t think the window breaking was funny? I thought it was hilarious when the iron bars just kind of fell out of the window. Apparently, shoddy government contractors just set iron bars in the window instead of attaching them.

  3. samrocks1984 says :

    Grr wish hubby would p off so I could watch my damn ep though maybe I’m not missing out on anything with what’s in the comments. This is an ep I def can’t remember haha seriously I’m going to throw 100 bucks at hubby and tell him to sod off to the pub so I can have an hour to watch

  4. Ashlie says :

    Hey guys I was super busy with my new job and moving that I didn’t have time for the podcast but I’m all caught up again. So to go back to In The Dark, I think you guy pretty much covered it. It was great seeing Spike, he’s always a good villain and I like it when he’s bad. Oz showing up was cool, I LOVE Oz and I liked him and Cordelia’s interactions. I did think it was a little random him driving his van into the warehouse and then onto the pier but it’s Oz so I give him a pass. Being the first of the Buffy/Angel crossover episodes, I think it’s a pretty good one. I have problems with Angel destroying the ring because it seems like it would come in real handy when he has to play detective and try to come off like a normal guy. Instead of using sewers and long black coats to avoid the sun. His reasoning does make sense though, if he’s too tempted to use it to live a normal life then it can lead to him possibly being happy and not suffering thus triggering the curse to remove his soul again and we can’t have that, although I’d watch that show.

    As for ‘I Fall To Pieces’, I actually like this episode, I guess I just don’t have big problems with the lame ‘monster of the week’. Ronald was extremely creepy and being a woman I could totally empathize with Melissa. Maybe it’s because I watch a lot of Law & Order:SVU but I felt the threat of Ronald to be real and then worse since he can detach his hands and use them to wander in inappropriate places. The creepiness vibe is what kept me watching even though I didn’t like the ending. It was nice to see the money I get dealt with though. Too many times in shows and even sometimes in Angel, I wonder where the hell are these people getting money to buy everything they need. So it’s nice that we see how they are going to make money.

    Now onto Room w/a Vu. I really enjoy this episode even though I think the whole ghost story is kind of dull. I do like the story arc of Cordelia and giving her more character development. I kind of agree with Joseph about her standing up to the old lady wasn’t really earned mostly because outside of this episode I feel that Cordelia is the same person that she’s always been, witty and brutally honest. I guess I just didn’t feel a long enough change to warrant her accepting herself and all her badness in the end. It’s nice that she want’s to get better apartment to make her feel better about her life. Poor Dennis 😦 That is really sad and messed up that he has to die like that, alive inside of a wall. That old lady is freakin crazy to do that to her own son. So her dying of a heart attack or whatever, that was deserved. Seeing more of Doyle’s life is good for building up his character since he’s the one we know least about out of the 3 main characters.

    Sense and Sensitivity. Not much to say about this episode other than I don’t like it. I don’t care about Kate and her daddy issues but I do like her interactions with Angel. Unlike some people, I do like the potential relationship teasing between the two. For Kate it makes sense to me. She doesn’t know he’s a vampire yet so she just sees this tall, handsome guy that seems to know a lot about weird stuff that helps her out. Even though the plot’s not good, I like learning more about Kate’s character.

    Sorry this post was so long, can’t wait to hear the next podcast.

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