Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.04 “I Fall to Pieces”

Here is the podcast covering episode four of season one, “I Fall to Pieces”.

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We will be covering episode five of season one, “Rm w/a Vu”, where Cordelia moves into a new apartment.


11 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.04 “I Fall to Pieces””

  1. Joseph says :

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed the play – my impressions are basically the acting version of stick figures, but I like to think I commit to the roles. I’ll have to think before I do Cordelia – my Doyle is me plus a little bit of Lucky Charms and a lot of unnecessary words, and I can’t do Angel, so I just do a more nasal Batman and call it a day. Cordy is probably just going to be me with a perky smile, saying obnoxious things.

    It never occurred to me that we have now had two episodes in a row telling abused women to stand up to their abuser. I think I get what they’re trying to say, but there must be a better way to say it.

  2. samrocks1984 says :

    Omg I just about died laughing last night when I listened to the podcast especially at that in particular. I’d been hanging all day for it we had bad weather all day and night the power was knocked out so I’m sitting in the light of a candle totally losing it hubby thought I was nuts. Thankgod the power is back on so I can watch the next angel ep

  3. samrocks1984 says :

    Ok just finished room w/a vu. Just a few commenst…

    Yeah an episode I didn’t totally hate or there wasnt a stalker killer abusive boyfriend. I like that this episode was more about the main cast and Cordy in particular I like that she pulled of the humor and dramatic scenes awesomely. I absolutely loved when Cordy went bitch on that ghosts ass woohoo and finally stood up for herself ( ok seriously if your gonna mention buffy though you gotta put her in the show I’m sick of her being brought up we are aware of what happened.

    Of course each apartment is worse then the other isn’t that the way it goes? Hahaha.

    I also like the discussion angel has with Doyle about the way that he lives his life. I mean he’s acting as a messenger for the powers that be and sposed to be helping angel with his redemption yet his life is a complete mess. Also are the ptb interfering with Cordys life because of what is to come?

    I’m trying to think about what the meaning is with this ep. Is it that you have to face your fears, own up to what you’ve done and deal with the problems and issues cos it seems all the main characters and ghosts were/are palming off their problems and fears onto others. Trying to have others deal with them for them.

    Seriously feel sorry for poor Dennis( is that the looking up crying guy)

    And OMG writers I love you like so much naked wet angel and shirtless angel in boxers for like 5 min seriously I wouldn’t know if that whole scene was crap cos I was too busy staring at that mans chest yummo hahahaha…guys can you find a pic for next week with him just out of the shower in the towel please I would be very grateful hahahaha.

    Not a terrible ep I thought it was funny had enough dramatic stuff in it I guess the characters grow a little so it’s all good. I’m glad I didn’t give up with angel the first time when I watched this ep after the last one I would have missed out on some goodness.

  4. Cainim says :

    I’m relatively new to podcasts and The Angel Rewatch is the first one that I have commented on but I’ve listened to enough to know you only get one shot to establish your role in each podcast’s commentary-sphere.

    Once someone claims a spot, that’s it, that role is theirs for good.

    When I started posting comments on the Angel Rewatch I had lofty dreams of seizing the witty, funny guy role. Unfortunately, that vampire bat has flown(Dang you Joseph and your hysterical one act play! Brilliant!).

    So I have to find a different role. Let’s take a look at my past posts…

    Wow I’m a really cynical, critical commentator. My critiques consist mostly of complaining about plot holes. Well so be it.

    I shall accept the role of cranky old guy(Hey I’m almost 40 after all). You know, the guy that complains so much that you wonder why he’s watching the show he’s commenting about.

    I shall become…Cranky Man!

    Ok, good that’s settled.

    Let’s get this Room w/a view episode fired up and get my complain on!

    What the?

    Is this same show?

    Is this a re-pilot?

    It’s like someone grabbed the show and said we have 3 strong things going for us, Angel, Cordelia and Doyle and one okay recurring character, Kate, maybe the way to make this show work is to focus on them and jettison the rest of that stuff for awhile.

    There is a confidence about this episode that wasn’t there before and the 3 leads seen to sense this and put in their best work yet.

    It was a smart idea to ground this in a traditional tale, the ghost story. We’re all familiar with the way this works so we are able to focus on two characters we don’t know so well, Cordelia and Doyle.

    The episode does a great job showing us how far Cordelia has fallen and how she can now rise up. We see how she and Angel both deep down feel they deserved to be punished. The difference is Cordelia is beginning to feel she has paid her due. Coredlia’s victory comes from accepting who she is, the good and the bad parts. She is a Bitch. And that’s fantastic. Don’t be defined by a label when you can define the label yourself. I think that’s called self-actualization and character growth.

    And speaking of paying dues, the Doyle spot was a nice exercise in world building. We got a glimpse of the supernatural society that exists beneath the surface. The way they do business and the kind of creatures that lurk there. And you know what? They’re rather human. That means we can relate to them. Who hasn’t taken a loan from someone, be it a bank, a credit card, a friend and then felt a slight fear about what might happen if we can’t pay it back?

    And I loved it when the plots collided. It reminded me of how the Marvel Comics universe works. Where Spidey could swing by the X-Men and The Hulk could rumble with Thor. It is because they are part of one big sprawling epic story.

    That’s why my favorite moment is when the heroes are casting out the ghost and the door flies open to reveals the hired guns.

    None of this left much room for Angel in the story, which when everything else was so good didn’t bother me. He gets to be the friend who reminds us of what we really are and who we can be. He gets to be the spark that lights the fire for Cordelia.

    One last thing to praise. I like that phantom Dennis is still around at the end of the episode. Episodic TV shows often move on from their story of the week and expect us to forget that they are supposed to be telling us a story about people that live in an ongoing world. We move on week to week with no long term consequences. With Dennis we have a reminder of what happened and I hope he continues to be a presence in the show.

    Oh all right one gripe. What kind of apartments has Cordelia lived in where she thinks she can just knock down a wall. I’ve never met a landlord or property manager who would be okay with land.

    This was a wonderful episode and gives the show a clear path for the future.

    I’m excited for the next episode.

    Great, now I have to find a new role.

    Score 80

    • samrocks1984 says :

      Totally agree that was my fav moment aswell where both story plots blended together. Also this ep goes to show you when the story is about the leads a fantastic job is done.

      Though I think our age does hamper us a little in how critical we look at things I mean I just turned 30 and instead of enjoying the show as it is and just accepting whatever irrational thing happens by creating an equally irational explanation for it that suits when I was a teen I find I can no longer do it as my theories don’t make sense to me now haha.

      I also find that as I read a lot of buffy and angel fanfic which confuses my views sometimes as I can’t remember a lot of what happened in the shows as some eps I’ve only watched once when I was a teen haha.

  5. Joseph says :

    At last, the story of “crying looking up helpless guy” has been told, and it was pretty good. I don’t think the scene from the opening credits is actually in the episode, though – did I miss it?

    Overall, this episode was pretty satisfying, The funny parts were funny, it laid out a plot thread for Doyle, and Cordy got to go through some character growth.

    My only major gripe is that it felt too compressed – thanks to Ghost Mom, Cordy goes from “faking that everything’s all right” to “total breakdown” to “reclaiming her identity” over the course of about a minute and a half. That evolution makes a lot of sense for her character, but when she looks up in the bedroom and has her bitca moment, it felt so sudden that it didn’t really feel earned to me.

    Similarly, Angel announcing that Cordy was going to have to confront the ghost came out of left field — if they had made that clear when they were researching the spell, I think it would have felt more integrated.

    In the bigger picture, I think I get what the show has been going for during the last few episodes, and I think it’s about one more rewrite from being good. IMHO, the writers had a problem – the Buffy show was about female empowerment and flipping traditional gender expectations in action fiction, but Angel has a tendency to reverse things back to the tired “women in refrigerators” meme, where women in peril lack agency and mainly exist to give the hero something to protect or avenge.

    I know we’re only in Season One, but so far, the show has been trying to eat its cake and have it too, by having Angel act as both hero and therapist – we have now seen three episodes in a row where a pretty woman needs Angel to save in the short run, but in the long run, learns that she needs to save herself. (Doyle, whose superpower seems to be exposition, explained this better than I could in his speech last episode.)

    I actually agree that people need to take agency – that outside help won’t be a long term fix unless the person being helped gets involved – but I don’t think the show has been doing a good job with this. The main problem is that “taking agency” seems to translate to “get in your problem’s face and yell at it that you’re not a victim.” That’s what Cordy and bungy-jumping-office-worker did in the last two episodes, and I assume it’s what crying-abuse-victim did in the episode before that.

    This has two problems. First, it makes solving the problems seem too easy, which almost leads to victim blaming. (I.e., all these people need Angel’s help because they don’t have the guts to just yell at their stalker/abusive boyfriend/ghost mom). Second, I don’t buy it. Sometimes, if you get in an abuser or stalker or homicidal ghost’s face and yell at it, I assume it goes very badly. It would work much better if the victims took agency by doing something concrete to solve their problems.

    For example, in this episode, I think it would have been much better if, after her bitca epiphany, Cordy had realized that Ghost Mom was protecting the wall and smashed it. Then you would have Cordy taking responsibility for her life and playing a role in solving her problem, not just announcing that she was taking responsibility. Similarly, bungy-office-worker could have saved Angel by joining in the fight or something, and crying abuse victim could have left a note saying that she’d joined a support group and bought a german shepard or something. Still not perfect, but I think it would have made the point much better. Maybe the show will get there, we’ll see.

    One last point – if you take a step back, the Cordy/Dennis relationship is all kinds of messed up, right? On the one hand, she’s pushing him around just like when she ran the Cordettes in high school. I know he’s not paying rent, but you could ask the guy *nicely* to turn off the tv, not snap at him like he’s a dog. On the other hand, Cordy’s living with an invisible heterosexual male roommate and unless he can leave the apartment, she’s pretty much his only human contact. At a minimum, that takes a lot of trust in someone you haven’t even really met.

    • Joseph says :

      p.s. 72/100

    • samrocks1984 says :

      Oh it goes badly alright you get just one more slap one more punch and most don’t have the strength to stand up and yell in their face anyways. They manipulate you tear down your self worth keep telling you you have no one to help you, no one would ever help you and it takes a hell of a lot longer than 1m to have that moment where you can get up and scream and or turn your life around and reach out for help, and even with most help it takes years for these people to back off because it takes that damn long for them to do enough abusive things that break the violence restraining order and they go to prison The story is unrealistic in that and it peeves me off.

      • Cainim says :

        You both raise some really good points. I completely agree that it is irresponsible for the show to imply that all the victims need to is just stand up to their abuser and the situation will sort itself out. A very naive moral and teeters way too close to victim blaming as you guys say.

        I think this applies to the way the situation is handled(by which I mean badly) in the previous two episodes.

        I would argue that in Room w/a Vu Cordelia’s situation is different in the following ways:

        1. Cordelia does not have a connection or a previous relationship with the “abuser”. Her battle is internal. She is depressed and coping with some self-loathing. It’s more like she is having a rough week and comes up against a scared damaged mugger. The spectral mugger could be seen to represent Cordelia’s inner demons and that’s why it’s important that…

        2. It’s a ghost. We don’t know what this spirit can or can’t do. It doesn’t actually try to directly kill Cordelia. It seems to require some sort of buy in from the victim. Now again if this was a person instead of a ghost this would be unacceptable. That would be like saying that standing up to a mugger a will stop him from shooting you. Pretty sure that’s not going to work. Since it is a ghost, though, we don’t know what will stop it. Angel’s got loads of experience with the supernatural so I can believe he’d have an idea how to handle it.

        Not a perfect explanation but it’s enough of one that I see this episode differently than the ones that came before.

        I also agree that Cordelia’s character growth seemed rushed. I feel like the writers must have said “Our show isn’t quite working. We need to revamp(no pun intended) Cordelia a bit and move forward.

        Let’s see if they do

  6. Cainim says :

    And I realize the ghost does try to hang Cordelia from the light fixture but this doesn’t kill her and there are tons of other ways the ghost could have done the foul deed directly without ranting at her and it
    didn’t There must be a reason.

    Again not perfect but I’m trying to be positive here…

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