Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.03 “In the Dark”

Here is the podcast covering episode three of season one, “In the Dark”.

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We will be covering episode four of season one, “I Fall to Pieces ”, where Angel Investigations help a woman with a stalker.


13 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.03 “In the Dark””

  1. samrocks1984 says :

    Thanx for this weeks pic haha

  2. angelrewatch says :

    I’ll be honest, I picked it mostly because of the hilarious out of context nature of it. Yet if whoring out Angel’s pecs give us more clicks, I’m not complaining.

    • samrocks1984 says :

      Haha you guys should know i live to find any eps of buffy, angel and bones so i can see his body haha please feel free to post more shirtless or wet pics jaha.

      Anywho just got through i fall to pieces and omg what a disgustingly gross episode. Psychic surgery…really? How the hecl would that even work this is a terrible ep.

      Finally the victim of the week isnt a blonde but im getting tired of the a,b or c plot being about a stalker, abusive or killer bf or friend im pretty sure more then this goes down in LA.

      Why is it also that stalkers always send flowers? I also didnt like the stalker joke between cordy and angel. “what is stalking the most popular sport for men?” “no its fourth behind luge” not kool its a serious matter.
      Only thing really important i picked up was the mention of wolfram and hart again…is it safe to say now we know they maybe involved with all this crud going on?

      Wasnt a memorable ep to me the only part i really liked was doyle and cordy playfully arguing about him getting more visions to get more clients to get more money. Oh and was angel wearing leather pants at the end under that blue shirt yummo.

      Also i didnt mind the a plot for “in the dark’ the rest was just lame i didnt totally hate it but i didnt jump up with joy about it either…well except when angel was shirtless or wet.

      • Joseph says :

        I did like how earnest Angel looked when he said “I’ve got to change my shirt!”, then he showed up with the exact same shirt in a different color. 😉

      • samrocks1984 says :

        How funny was cordy and Doyle’s chat about angels attractiveness haha and then angel walking out with the billowing duster haha

    • samrocks1984 says :

      Seriously jealous of that dude. Its hilarious but im so jealous he gets a closer look. Though in a few more eps u know the one im talking bout a picture from that would make me very very happy

  3. Cainim says :

    I don’t get a lot of time to watch stuff, just a couple hours a week when my wife isn’t working and she’s home to put our 18 month old daughter to bed on her own, which sometimes she likes to do.

    So this week I was faced with a dilemma, as I logged into Netflix to watch “I fall to pieces”, I noticed that The Karate Kid had been added to the Netflix streaming library and although I hadn’t seen this week’s Angel episode in 4 years something told me watch Daniel and Mr. Miyagi, wax on and paint the fence instead.

    I didn’t listen. William and Derek have been kind enough to read my comments and I support their project, so I steeled myself and brought up the Angel Episode.

    Sigh, I never make the right decision.

    Let’s get this out of the way.

    The good stuff.

    The chemistry between our 3 heroes is really starting to gel. I particularly like the subtle look Charisma Carpenter gives when Doyle compliments her in the opening scene. And compliments to the wardrobe department. Cordelia looks beautiful in every scene.

    Boreanez is amazing as always(and he looks good too).

    The Bad.

    Has there ever been a show where the regular cast are very good but each week’s guest cast is so terrible? Maybe just the modern Doctor Who. Only Elizabeth Rohm(Kate) can act at all and some scenes in the office are painful to watch.

    So many plot issues, but speaking of the office, what kind of company would allow Doyle to just hang out all day with our 1 non-blonde of the week?

    And why, oh, why would Angel walk into Ronald’s trap without figuring, “Hey this dirtbag might try something?” Is he really that confident?

    And let’s talk about Ronald.

    It’s nice that the show has already covered the only 3 types of men that exist, the half demon puppy dog, the brooding sexy guy and the sicko stalker. It’s so great that men are simple enough that the show doesn’t need to create a good male character to better represent us.

    So this week’s bad man can throw his body around in a real scenery chewing performance. While I appreciated the guest appearance by Thing from the Adams Family each new body part flung around got more and more ludicrous. And did that scene with the writer really explain anything?

    Two last gripes.

    I worked at a bank for 5 years and when someone wanted a new PIN number we had to enter the card in a coding machine in order to change it, just saying.

    The beat cop who encounters Ronald outside the fence behaves very strangely. So, just because a guy has no hands he can’t be a creepazoid?

    Sigh, sigh, sigh. I could have been watching Elizabeth Shue and Ralph Machio play soccer on a beach.

    Bottom line

    I cannot imagine what someone who just stumbled across this episode when it aired would think but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t tune in the next week.

    Only my fondness for the stars and my support of The Angel Rewatch will bring me back next week.


  4. stacey mccool says :

    i love this episode. the torturer/villain is so fucking creepy and acted quite well. the monosyllabic conversation between angel and oz is perfectly written. watching buffy’s harsh light of day next to this is a great indicator of how different these two shows have become already. there are no two characters I enjoy watching play off each other more than angel and spike.

    side note: it’s hard to understand what you guys are saying some times. the mic cuts in and out. not sure if you’re using skype or built in mics or something but it could be better. (hey, at least you’re not audibly smacking your lips constantly like robin and cordia did. thanks for that!)

  5. Joseph says :

    I Fall To Pieces

    The good:

    – Despite the cheesy special effects, this was nicely creepy.

    – On the other hand, the show wasn’t very clear on when Surgeon McStalker’s body parts could fly around and when his hands had to spider across the floor. For a while, I thought they were only spidering when he couldn’t see, but why wouldn’t he just send an eye too.

    – I also agree with last week’s comments that David Boreanz has a great range of different brooding expressions, and I liked his “Hey, I’m a stalker too”)

    The not-so-good:

    – I thought Kate felt really clunky and wooden this time, and the Buffyspeak didn’t really come off as natural. (Like “She’s being stalked? Then ugly it already is.” or “So ask, and I’ll see if I can do.”)

    The unknown:

    The ending is affirmatively horrible,right? But nobody seems to even notice. McStalker-pants is buried underground, in complete darkness, starving to death or decomposing or something, but presumably conscious. Yes, he was a murderous d-bag, but isn’t that the single worst thing that’s happened to anybody in the history of Buffy or Angel to this point? You would think somebody would at least mention it.

  6. Cainim says :

    One more gripe that I can’t believe I forgot to gripe.

    So one of our villain’s oh so charming characteristics is that he’s a peeping tom, right?

    Now look at the scene where he watches our victim of the week disrobe.

    The camera and direction(which are our “eyes” into the scene) turn the viewer into a peeping tom, lingering over the half dressed actress, the same way the villain does.


    Shame on you episode, gross, sexist and icky scene.

  7. samrocks1984 says :

    Dudes where’s the new podcast already I’ve been hanging all day haha

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