Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.02 “Lonely Hearts”

Here is the podcast covering episode two of season one, “Lonely Hearts”.

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We will be covering episode three of season one, “In the Dark”, where Angel gets some unexpected visitors from Sunnydale.


8 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.02 “Lonely Hearts””

  1. sam says :

    Ok this comment will be for just lonely hearts….this was a god awful episode I didn’t enjoy it at all I didn’t like all the awkwardness didn’t like the possible new love interest for angel, the club looked like a speed dating night and where the heck is angels game face when he’s fighting? Of the topic what is the name of the song and artist played after angel leaves cordys apartment the first time I freaking love it and have to have it

  2. sam says :

    Ok now for “in the dark” yeah for the leather duster, loved spikes improv convo for angel and the “chick with the crazy boyfriend” I forgot how totally awesome that was…though wouldn’t angel have sensed he was near? Not just with the smell and hearing him but their bond as a “family” don’t they pick that up I can’t remember.
    I don’t understand how he can get upset with buffy not bringing the ring herself, he’s the one that walked away he knows it hurt her to do it sure he had his reasons but she’s still hurting over it she’s not going to roll into town and be like “here’s a gift for you buddy good to see you how you doing?”

    I like that buffy gave it to him, I honestly don’t think she thought he would use it she’s showing him that she still trusts him to make the decisions needed I guess, she knows how much his redemption means to him that he wouldn’t take the easy way out, but she does understand that he will use it once just to experience the day. Didn’t he mention in buffy once he would just like to see the sunset once or day or something? I can’t remember or maybe it was in a fanfic but she’s still giving him a gift and I think it helps him to not be so upset with her in the end when he experiences something he hasn’t in over 2 hundred years

  3. Cainim says :

    Thoughts on In the Dark:

    Hey look this week’s thin blond is a guy and a vampire! And he get to handle the clunky exposition. At least James Marsters seems to be enjoying himself.

    And look a second blond! And her story was resolved so cleanly. Cause faith and standing up to an abuser always solves the problem. Maybe she found Faith and she took care of the situation.

    Oz coming to LA was nice but should he really be calling anyone pale?

    I’m impressed that Anthony Edwards lost so much wait to play the Sort-of Nazi Torturer Vampire. And so deep and philosophical. A vampire with a soul wants forgiveness. I’m glad torturer guy was there to help Angel figure that out.

    .Ok enough of that attitude from me.

    Doyle and Cordy worked better for me this week. I liked that we got some back story on Doyle. He’s got some debts and he’s good at smelling out rings. I also think there can be some interesting exploration of his feelings about his demon heritage and if he can keep it secret from Cordelia much longer.

    Anyone else think Angel was a bit blundering this week? Shouldn’t he have asked OZ if Buffy had killed Spike? Or if anyone else knows about the ring?

    And let’s talk about Angel’s reason for destroying the Ring Of Amara. He’s right, he would face an endless wave of all sorts of evil trying to claim the ring. How can he save the Rachels, Tinas, Gwyneths and Kates of the world if he’s fighting off Spike and his ilk. No matter what one day someone is going to throw Angel into the ocean and impale him and then take off the ring. So good thing he smashed that sucker!

    Oh wait, that’s not why he destroyed the ring?

    Never mind.

    I’m done. Off to brood.

    Score 60

    • sam says :

      I didn’t notice the blundering but that may be because David was shirtless and then dripping wet so anything critical just flew out the window for me…I mean how in the heck can he look so hot whilst being tortured is beyond me haha.

      Agree if you were being sarcastic about standing up to the abuser bf. that never ever resolves cleanly and to be perfectly honest the fact that angel was there would have p’d off the bf even more and he prob would have escalated that crap…take it from someone whose been through this situation it gets worse before it gets better vro’s do not work unless they are locked up in prison for years, it’s a joke to these guys he would have kept coming I don’t he would back off after getting knocked out considering he was crazy enough to hold a gun on the girl and had every intention of killing her.

      I know how you feel some of the story plot points are just ridiculous, don’t make sense or just don’t go together well or are completely unfinished it’s a shame really after giving angel his own show and having a load of experience with writing buffy that all the episodes we have so far are just sub par. David is a hell of a lot more talented then what we are getting I mean he did so much better in buffy too but that’s kudos to the buffy writers.

      • Cainim says :

        Yep, Sam. Completely sarcastic. It’s like the writers got to the end of the episode and said “Wait a minute ! What about that other plot. Do we need to wrap that up? Ah, just have her leave a note. Good? Good. Done”

        Serious issue wrapped up with a trite resolution.

  4. Joseph says :

    The Good:

    – Spike’s narration was hilarious. It’s also fun to watch him hiring Angel in the face with a board. The narration was also a nicely different way to subvert Angel’s batman vibe. I was worried they would keep doing sight gags until it got old, but they’re mixing it up.

    – Doyle is growing on me, which is weird, because my impression on first watch was that he annoyed me all the time. He’s kind of a loveable loser.

    – I enjoyed torture guy’s innocent delight at getting the ring. You could almost see him thinking “now I can torture kids 24 hours a day!”

    The Bad:

    – Well, now we know where “hopeless crying girl” from the intro sequence comes from, and it’s underwhelming. I hope “hopeless looking up guy” has a better story.

    – I enjoyed learning that the boyfriend “got out on a technicality.” Yes, Angrl, the “technicality” is that getting beaten unconsious in an alley is not technically a crime. This isn’t Gotham City, where if someone is bat-cuffed to a light pole outside a bank, you can safely assume they were committing a crime. What was the girlfriend’s story: “he threatened me with a gun and then some big guy who won’t testify jumped out of the shadows, beat him unconscious, and skulked away”?

    – Speaking of weird moments in law enforcement, the gang drives Oz’s pickup down a pier, runs down a guy in front of dozens of witnesses, then they just hang around to give Angel moral support?


    – I can buy the decision to destroy the gem. This eipsode and the Buffy crossover showed it’s limitation – it’s not helpful against someone who can just hold you down and take it and it would have made Angel a target. It’s really only useful if other people don’t know you have t. And I guess I buy that Angel thinks he has more suffering to do.

    – Was the torture scene directly lifted from Lethal Weapon or what? I swore I remembered Angel succeeding in stabbing torture vampire, but eventually realized I was thinking of Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon.


  5. samrocks1984 says :

    My comments are awaiting moderation hahaha

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