Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.01 “City Of”


Recorded earlier then normal on account of Father’s Day Weekend here is the podcast for episode one of season one: “City Of”

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We will be covering episode two of season one, “Lonely Hearts”.


14 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 1.01 “City Of””

  1. samrocks1984 says :

    Yeah I got a mention woohoo and its my first and last name guys bit miffed you didn’t get into some of the points from my email hahahaI know it was long anyways just letting you know 2 big thumbs up and I will be back in a couple of days after I watch the second ep so I can put up my comments.

  2. samrocks1984 says :

    Nothing to do with sandwiches it’s samantha mandich, samrocks1984 on here and email and twitter is jazz kicks ass but Sam is fine for future ref

    • angelrewatch says :

      Ah, I apologize about the name. We actually got your email, right after we got done recording (along with several other people’s feedback) so it will definitely be in the next podcast. Along with whatever else we receive for “Lonely Hearts”.

  3. Cainim says :

    Hey guys! Nice first podcast. When is the deadline to get comments in for “Lonely Hearts”

  4. John Padden says :

    Wow, you guys read my comment and mentioned me by name! I MATTER! Now I’d like to regain my Whedon Cred my pointing out that while I haven’t seen all of Angel (I’ve seen all of season one, most of season two, and all of season five) I for one have seen all of Dollhouse. The first season is decent, but the second season is out of it’s mind awesome. If you want to watch one episode to get you hooked, it’s “Epitaph One”

  5. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    Podcast Papa here. I’m continuing the trend of seeing about 15minutes of the episode and getting a comment in. So the blonde girl just woke up next to the husk of the guy. Now there’s the Darla-style misdirection! Just an episode late.

  6. Cainim Truax says :

    Lonely hearts thoughts

    Things I liked.

    The chemistry between our heroes really started to click in this episode. Both the opening and closing scene they share are fantastic. Also dug the monster. Gross and a monster with a plausible motivation.

    And are we supposed to think Kate was steaking out the club all along? If so I like the subversion of expectation at play here.

    Oh and the grappling hook scene can’t forget that.

    Things I’m not so sure about

    Really, another pretty thin blond, Really? Well Angel is consistent.

    Also if you’re trying to subvert Bat-man why have you given Angel a commissioner Gordon.

    And why give Angel another way too get involved? Aren’t Doyle’s visions enough?

    Things I didn’t like

    Doyle and Cordy: the chemistry is list when Boreanez isn’t with them. And please don’t put them together. Comic relief plus comic relief equals screwball and adds nothing to this show.

    Angel doesn’t need two comedy sidekicks. It feels unbalanced. It might work if we see me depth from either character.

    The bottom line

    I’ll give this a 60. The three leads are great together and Kate is more interesting than Tina. Good enough to bring me back next week but not good enough to hook me forever. 10 point improvement over City of.

  7. Joseph says :

    Lonely Hearts:

    The good:

    – I love, love, love, Angel and Kate’s meeting. In my opinion, it’s great noir – they’re both lying to each other, but everything they’re saying is true. Kate’s mix of toughness and raw vulnerability makes her her a good foil for Angel, who has a similar thing going.

    – The episode played well into the theme of loneliness and isolation from the pilot. Is the theme for Season One going to be loneliness? Friendship?

    – The bit about Cordy’s apartment was funny, especially “You’re disgusting,”

    – The MOTW was pretty good – it had a metaphorical theme and was pretty tough, and because you didn’t see much of the actual burrower, the special effects didn’t look bad until the end when the bartender started falling apart.

    – Doyle’s exposition was smoother – I actually wondered how Angel was entering the victim’s apartment, then a few scenes later, Doyle explained it to me.

    The Bad:

    – I don’t buy D’Oblique at all. First, who can have a conversation in a rock bar? The best I’ve ever been able to do is: “HI!!! I’M JOSEPH!!! WHAT?? WHAT? I SAID JOSEPH!! WHAT?? NEVERMIND!!!”

    Second, I don’t for a minute believe that multiple people would all start confessing how lonely and pathetic they are at a pickup bar. Pickup bars are for pretending that your life is totally awesome, like Cordy does! It worked for the burrower, because he was using it as a line, but literally everybody was like “I’m so lonely and pathetic – go out with me!”

    Third, never ever ever would a bartender let half the people in a fight stay in the bar, even if he knew that the other half were jerks.

    The Unknown:

    – I’m not sure about the first fight between Angel and the Borrower. It looked like they were trying some new moves based on the idea that the demon was so strong it didn’t have to fight like a person – all of it’s punches were really short, without much defense. On the one hand, it was weird, but on the other, I’m glad they’ve made a break from Sunnydale, where every vamp learns Tai Kwon Do immediately on rebirth.

    – Well, I assume Angel’s refrigerator wasn’t stocked with blood, or he and Kate would be having a different conversation.

    – Now we’ve seen a vision, so my theory that Doyle is just lying is out the window. I guess it’s still up in the air whether it’s just a demon power or the actual Powers that Be. If the PTB are real, what’s their deal? Is there a limit on how directly they can interfere with the material plane?

  8. Ashlie M says :

    When I was first watching Angel all the way through I remember liking this episode a lot. It was nice to see Angel out at a club and trying to socialize. The introduction to Kate was done good. My first viewing through I didn’t like her, but after rewatching Angel, I really like her. I thought she was a good potential love interest for Angel. The burrower demon was good. It reminded me of Eyghon from Buffy. I thought it was nice to see a different kind of demon, instead of people in costume whose motives are to destroy the world or something. That’s what I like about Angel is that it explores a little bit more about demonology.

  9. samrocks1984 says :

    Peeved to the extreme hubby won’t p off and let me have the tv for an hour this week so I can do my rewatch. He tells me it’s a cruddy show…I call blasphemy haha unhappy with said hubby ATM seriously he’s been sick a week with the flu driving me completely bonkers. Can’t wait for this weeks ep even though I’m busy with kids doc and dentist appointments, online uni, getting my youngests bday stuff organised for his party this weekend, going in for parent helper I will still squeeze in 2 hours and comment for next weeks podcast

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