Announcing the Angel Rewatch!

By the popular demand of one guy and the desire of two nerds who won’t shut up, comes The Angel Rewatch! A spoiler-free retrospective podcast about Angel.

The Angel Rewatch is a spin off podcast for a spin off show. Following in the tradition of (read: stealing) The Buffy Rewatch, every week Derek and William will review, discuss and read your feedback on each episode of Angel.

So this is where you come in, you can comment on this post to get your feedback read on the podcast.Or send an audio clip to OR call the voicemail number at 206-203-3276. Please get all your feedback in by Saturday June 14, 2014 to be in time for the podcast.

Below is the first introductory podcast with all the details and such:


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13 responses to “Announcing the Angel Rewatch!”

  1. thebuffyrewatch says :

    Woop woop. Very exciting. It’s nice to hear William saying “Hello everyone.”

  2. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    Still Robin commenting. I’ve managed to watch the first 10mins of ep1. I have no memory of this at all, which is very fun 🙂 The opening scene didn’t have the subversion of Darla in high school but it managed to give you the whole show in a few notes. Vampire, saving human but is also a danger to them plus David Boreanaz’ being silly to get cheap laughs. Sounds good to me 🙂 I’d also be interested to hear you speculate on the connection between Doyle and Whistler from Becoming. Was the character a direct inspiration or had there been a plan all along to one day break Angel away and give his his own Watcher figure etc.

    • Josip says :

      I found this on Buffy wikia:
      “Whistler was originally planned to serve as a sidekick for Angel on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff, Angel, but Joss Whedon cited schedule conflicts with Max Perlich’s film career as the reason for replacing Whistler with Doyle, a similar character. Some fans contend that the “real” reason was a copyright issue with Marvel Comics, whose own character named Whistler is a sidekick to their heroic dhampir (human/vampire-hybrid), Blade. Whistler was also planned to appear on the never-produced Ripper, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off detailing the adventures of Giles in England.”

  3. John Padden says :

    I notice in the pilot that the show’s premise reads a lot like “Person of Interest” in a modern fantasy world. I guess I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on how this show becomes something different than Buffy was but still has the same DNA. As someone who hasn’t seen all of Angel, explain why the show is worth watching when I’ve already seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer through Seven seasons.

  4. Cainim says :

    Thank you guys for doing this. I wanted to comment on the buffy rewatch but I just discovered it a couple months back and couldn’t catch up in time. I look forward to this work

    • samrocks1984 says :

      Same here I’m disappointed I never got to interact with the buffy rewatch but overjoyed I will get to here, I’ve only just finished the second season of the buffy rewatch podcasts. Can’t wait to start this one

  5. samrocks1984 says :

    Thank you guys sooooo much can’t wait just found the buffy rewatch and am up to the end of season 2 so was stoked when robin let us know you were doing an angel rewatch I will actually get to comment and discuss with everyone now woohoo

  6. Joseph says :

    City Of: I had forgotten how much I love this show – I get excited every time I hear that violin theme.

    The first episode is a little clunky in places, but I really like the themes of loneliness and failure, ranging from those opening violins to Angel’s isolation and Cordy’s hungry hovel to, well, all of Doyle, really. It was gutsy to have the first episode be one where Angel fails to save someone, too.

    I wonder about the Powers That Be. Is Doyle telling the truth? Except maybe for the miracle in Amends and whatever it was that brought Angel back, we’ve never seen a hint of anything like this on Buffy, Did they hope Angel would save Tina, or did they know he would fail but think he needed it to reconnect to humanity?

    Some trivia from Wikipedia – the original script had Angel licking some of Tina’s blood off his fingers after finding her body, but the team ultimately decided that was too dark. On a less creepy note, Buffy gets Angel’s hang-up call in “The Freshman.”

    Overall, I liked this episode a lot. It’s a little heavy handed in places, but especially for a pilot, it does a great job setting the tone for the show and tells a decent story. 70/100

  7. Cainim Truax says :

    So thoughts on City of

    Things I liked: what a fantastic opening scene. It establishes everything we need to know about our hero. He’s attractive, charismatic, sort of dorky and although he’s got baggage he will still do the heroic thing. We see he’s a monster that fights monsters. Everything we need to know is right there before the credits. And nice twist with Tina’s fate.

    Things I’m not sure about yet.

    Doyle, nothing against the guy, but I’m not sure he’s necessary. With subtle changes this story would have worked just fine without him. His clunky delivery of Angels origin undercuts the brilliance of the opening scene.

    Cordy peps to her for figuring out Russell was a vampire, demerits for going there in the first place.

    Evil lawyers? Ok a little on the nose but they might present an interesting foil for Angel. Let’s see where this goes. .. they are certainly more intriguing than

    Things I didn’t like

    Russell I suppose a vampire villain is good to get out of the way upfront but this guy just bored me. Glad Angel disposed of him quickly.

    The bottom line

    So what worries me is that this show could be a little to highway to heaven, king fu, incredible hulk. ..With a hero that helps a victim of the week. This hero just happens to be stationary. Ill give this a 50 on my scale out of 100 which means I’ll return for the next episode based on the likability of the lead and residual affection for Cordelia from the Buffy years not based on this episodes story. 50 will be my baseline. The rest I’ll judge against this.

  8. Ashlie M says :

    Glad you guys are doing an Angel ReWatch, excited to talk about this show with everyone and hear your guy’s thoughts. The first episode is pretty solid. As much as I like the Buffy theme song, I LOVE the Angel theme song. It starts off with the soft violin then kicks in with the guitar. The opening credits are good to and fits well with the theme of the show. I thought the way they brought Cordelia and Angel together was done well and I like Doyle’s involvement. All in all I think it’s a good episode to set up the first season.

  9. samrocks1984 says :

    Already sent my comments via email but realised just how much cordy and angel are alike in this ep won’t go into details. Waiting in anticipation for the podcast to go up haha

  10. Dave Lopez says :

    This should be fun

  11. chrisart6 says :

    Hi guys! Super excited to be here. As like others I only found the Buffy Rewatch a few months ago just shortly after they had finished so I was so bummed that I couldn’t contribute to the conversations. I look forward to listening and participating in the Angel Rewatch with you guys.

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